Chapter One: A Best Friend’s Gift

Disney had always been a part of Roselyn’s life. Ever since she was a child of six and her Grandparents had brought back a souvenir map of the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, she had been enamored with it. The Haunted Mansion, its hallowed form rising above the landscaping in the brochure, was a particular favorite. She wanted to go so badly and see it in person, and had made her Grandmother recant the rides in detail over and over again.

Life has a way of dissuading us from our dreams, however, and it was no different for Roselyn. Married for 24 years, her husband Joe had recently come home from work to announce he wanted a divorce now that their two children were grown and on their own path. Roselyn had been devastated at the time, and wallowed in her self pity for…

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