Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter 22: A Current State of Ignorance

Chapter 22: A Current State of Ignorance

Rose! Agggh! Where did he go? Where are we?” Mitzi yelled into the darkened path before them. Running at full speed unable to see was beginning to make her nervous. Nearly too late, she skid to a halt, bumping into Rose.

Ouch!” Rose exclaimed. “Easy there, Mitzi!” she rubbed her elbow where Mitzi had collided into it and tried to look around.

Sorry, couldn’t see you. In fact, I can’t see a thing! Where is that little furball?” Mitzi asked. Gurgi was nowhere to be found.

Shhh! Listen! I hear something!” Rose whispered. Straining in silence, there was a sound floating towards them in the corridor that they could barely hear. It was ahead of them, and there seemed to be few other options available. “Come on, Mitzi. Gurgi has to be down that way. I think we are almost out of time; my arm is tingling.”

The two began to run at breakneck speed towards the mysterious noise. “Amazing how we always seem to fit a workout into our day, isn’t it?” Mitzi asked as they ran. Rose had to admit to herself that she was a lot less breathless than she would have been even a week before, but she didn’t have long to ponder that fact.

The corridor came to an abrupt end. There were no tunnels, and no doors.

Oh, great. Now what do we do?” Mitzi leaned against the musty and damp wall behind her. Rose thought for a moment. “I have absolutely no idea. Maleficent would be so proud to point out my current state of ignorance,” Rose added.

The two sat down, tired and frightened. “Is your arm still tingling?” Mitzi asked.

Rose nodded and sighed. A few moments of silence passed, and neither of them spoke. Suddenly, there was a loud, muffled vibration that shook the foundation of where they were sitting.

What the he…” Mitzi began and was interrupted as music blared and washed over them. They did not bother to speak, for the music was literally shaking the walls. Standing up slowly, they held onto each other partially for balance and partially out of fear. A beam of light slowly broke through from a circular crack surrounding where they were standing.

WHOOOSH,” air rushed through the crack, blowing their hair and causing them to close their eyes as the music became even louder. Then, they moved.

Slowly, the platform began to slide open as it became wider and wider. They were going to fall, and began to scramble for some sort of foot or hand hold, but there was none to be found. Hearts beating frantically, they prepared themselves for the fall that was certain.

Mitzi screamed as what was left of the platform disappeared beneath them and they fell into the unknown. Rose was holding her breath. Eyes still closed, they were positive this would be the end and both prayed for a quick and painless demise.

Landing in a less than graceful manner, the two were separated by foliage and flowers. Mitzi was stuck. Consequently, she was flailing in the air, suspended by her belt which had snagged upon an unknown captor. Rose had landed due west of Mitzi in what appeared to be a gigantic orchid of some sort.

Rose? ROOOOOSE?” Mitzi yelled, flailing and quickly becoming exasperated. The blaring music had stopped during their fall, but unfortunately so did the light.

Mitzi? I am ok- are you ok? Where are you?” she called to her friend.

I think…I think I am above you. I’m stuck on something! I can’t get down! I can’t see a thing!” Mitzi added.

Hang on. I’m coming,” Rose answered, trying to think of something. Inspired by the immediate urgency of the situation, she became desperate. Reaching into her pack, she grabbed the Piece of History pin the fairies had told her to hide at the beginning of the adventure. “I sure hope this works,” she thought to herself. 

Raising the pin out of her pack, she was not disappointed. Although she knew she was the only one who would benefit from her gift of this highlighting, a light pierced the darkness as swiftly as if it were Jack Sparrow’s sword. Rose gasped. “I don’t believe it.”

Holding the pin above her head, she illuminated the area and scanned for Mitzi. She was not prepared for the sight she saw. Mitzi was indeed suspended in mid air- held by the back of her waist by what appeared to be a giant bird.

Rose? You still there? Rose I want down from here! My arm is tingling now, too! What do we do?” Mitzi was becoming more frantic and Rose realized she could not see the magical light at all.

It’s going to be fine Mitzi, I can see, just relax,” Rose answered calmly, knowing it would not assist her friend in any manner should she inform her she was caught by a bird. Rose then realized her leg had begun to tingle as well. This was not good by any stretch of the imagination.

Lighting her way using the pin, she began to examine the area around the bird. There was a vine at its base that snaked upwards towards the huge body. “Here we go again,” Rose whispered to herself as she walked cautiously towards the vine, prepared to climb.

Grabbing onto the vine, she called out to Mitzi. “I’m coming, Mitzi. I think I found a way to get you down!”

Mitzi, still flailing a bit but slightly calmer, was pleased at this news. “Thank goodness. I am beginning to regret this trip more and more.”

Rose climbed the vine, careful not to lose the pin that she had attached to her shirt. One step after another, she climbed higher and higher. Her heart was thumping in her ears as her other arm began to tingle. “Oh, no,” she gasped, knowing the two were almost out of time and opportunity. A second later, she ran out of vine and discovered she was setting foot on the back of the bird. Grasping as best she could onto the feathers, she steadied herself and inched forward towards the head of the bird.

Is that you? I hear something!” Mitzi yelled.

Yes, I am right here, but Mitzi I am losing feeling in my hands,” Rose replied. “This is going to be close!

OK, I am ready,” Mitzi understood, noticing that she had lost all feeling in her legs and arms.

Rose struggled to reach the beak of the bird, balancing precariously on its neck. Reaching forward as far as she could, she grasped Mitzi’s belt with as much strength as she could muster. “Hang on to it, but undo your belt, Mitzi- hurry! Do not let go!”

Mitzi didn’t argue. Drawing in her breath, she pulled on the belt to allow the buckle to free. She screamed as she grabbed on to the end of the belt at the same moment Rose swung her arm behind her, and Rose followed, grabbing a fist full of feathers. Neither of them was prepared for what followed.

All at exactly the same time, a spotlight lit up the area, and a booming voice said something neither of them could discern. They held fast to the feathers, but abruptly they needed to hang on to more, for the women grew. Rapidly.

As the theme to the Tiki Room played, the two women realized where they were. They were clinging to the framework of Fritz, the Tiki Room bird, several feet above the ground. They could see no one in the audience, fortunately, but the show was playing nonetheless. Mitzi was the first to respond as she regained feeling in her limbs. She dangled over the side, hanging on to Fritz’s perch and stretched out as far as she could before letting go. She landed on her feet. Rose soon followed and the two looked at one another, bursting out laughter and tears.

I was stuck on Fritz!” Mitzi laughed, hugging Rose.

 “I don’t ever want to be that small again,” Rose said as she hugged Mitzi back. “That was unreal.”

It may have been unreal, but you saved me!” Mitzi exclaimed. “Again.”

Rose nodded. “Yes, so maybe you will let me choose the book for our book club next time?”

Mitzi laughed, glancing around the Polynesian styled room at all of the singing flowers. It was marvelous. They stood in the cool space catching their breath as the show concluded.

When all was quiet at last, they pondered their current plight.

Rose, why would the show be going on when there is no one in here?” Mitzi asked, perplexed.

I can answer that one, ladies, if you will allow me to do so,” a masculine voice suddenly boomed from the back row of bench seats. 


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