Diary of A Disney Daydream-Chapter Twenty-One: Icy, With a Chance of Fur

Diary of a Mad Pin Trader- Chapter 21

Icy, With a Chance of Fur

Roselyn felt as if she were in a dream and could not awaken. The past few days and the wild adventures her dearest friend, Mitzi, had shared with her were beginning to take their toll. Shaking her head a bit, as if to clear the cloudy confusion, she turned to Mitzi.

Mitzi, I just can not believe we just had Maleficent as our personal Jungle Cruise skipper. Could this get any more bizarre?” she asked.

Mitzi was perilously balanced while holding on to the head of the tiger animatronic. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Rose, but it has already gotten more bizarre. I am holding on to a robotic tiger and we have a doorway to go through. That, or we can always turn around and swim through the attraction- assuming you want to give up of course.”

Roselyn did not hesitate. “No, we can’t give up. Think of all who are relying on us right this moment. Michael, Tinkerbell, and Walt himself! How could we possibly turn around…why…no! I won’t think of it!”

Mitzi smiled at Roselyn, who realized what her friend was up to. “I see. You knew I would say no, didn’t you?”

Of course I knew. Best friends always know. It’s you who had to convince yourself, Rose, not convince me,” Mitzi said with a wink. “Now, who is up for spelunking?” she gestured towards the cave door.

Looking closely at the entrance, the two shuddered. Complete blackness inside, there was no apparent light and they had no idea what was inside. Roselyn approached the doorway. There was no obvious way to close-or open- the door. “This is strange,” she said as a cold breeze wafted past and gave her goosebumps.

Rose, everything is strange here. Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say!” Mitzi straddled the tiger head and lept a few feet to the right to stand next to Roselyn. “Oh great. Creepy and dark, and look at that!” she pointed to the green vines that were tangled and began only a foot inside the threshold. “I hope those aren’t overgrown and blocking anything in there- we don’t even have knives to cut them.”

I can’t see past a few feet inside, Mitzi. I have no idea what is in there, or where we need to go. Do you think we should split up? Just in case?” Rose asked.

You heard what the fairy said- our friendship is our strength. Besides, it will take more than a few vines to deter me. Are you ready? I think we had better go in. I would hate to explain to the next boat that comes along what we are doing here like this,” Mitzi observed. She had to laugh at the image of a boat tour coming through and seeing two women standing next to the tiger.

Roselyn looked ahead. “All right. I suppose it’s best. Let’s go. Ready?”

Mitzi nodded. “I am right with you. Let’s go.”

Roselyn stepped through the doorway and walked forward a few steps with Mitzi close behind. She paused to allow her eyes to adjust to the darkness. “It is really dark in here, isn’t it?” Mitzi observed. Just as she finished the question, there was a loud scraping sound followed by a BOOM that hurt both women’s ears. Then it was dark, pitch blackness all consuming.

Rose?” Mitzi could scarcely whisper.

Yes?” Rose answered.

It is gone. The doorway. It’s….it’s gone,” she replied.

Roselyn turned around. At least, she thought she turned around but in the pitch blackness it was nearly impossible to tell. Sure enough, there was no exit. There was not even an outline of a doorway or light coming in at all. “OK, Mitzi, just stand still. Let’s think for a moment,” she gasped.

I have to stand still, Rose. It’s not like I can move anywhere. This space is so tight!” Mitzi exclaimed. She was right. The tunnel was barely wide enough to walk through and just tall enough for them to stand. This was no place for anyone with claustrophobia.

ROSE!” Mitzi suddenly half shrieked, half whispered.

What?” Rose asked, concerned at the tone of her friend’s voice.

Something just ran over my foot!” Mitzi replied, still in a high pitched whisper.

Probably just one of those tiny lizards, Mitzi- they are likely more afraid of you than you are of them,” Rose tried to comfort her.

I wouldn’t be too sure of that. I am not feeling particularly courageous right this second,” Mitzi said, although she seemed just a bit calmer.

OK, we can’t just stand here forever. We have to move on, Mitzi,” Rose realized. “Can you grab onto my waistband?”

Mitzi did so. “How will we know where to go? There are vines, and something is squishy on the floor. How will we know?” she asked, her tone of voice beginning to rise again.


We will…have to feel our way,” Rose replied.


Taking a deep breath, Rose placed her hands on what she sensed would be the wall to the right. She felt vines and something she suspected could be moss. With one hand touching the wall, she took a step forward in the blackness. They were still all right. There was still wall beside her. Feeling more confident, she took yet another step. The wall beside her remained, unchanging. The floor below was slippery and she could feel the cold dampness on her feet inside her tennis shoes, but they had moved again and there was no sign of danger. “I think it is a straight tunnel, Mitzi,” she commented after a few more steps. “One way only, you think?” she asked.

I hope it is a short way. I don’t like this at all!” Mitzi whispered.

Rose took another step forward, and the wall on the right ended. A cold blast of air hit them at the same time. “Whoa! That is chilly!” Rose exclaimed.

Chilly, yes, very- but smell it. What is that? I know I have smelled that before!” Mitzi said.

A sweet, tropical smell floated to them upon the chilled blasts of air. Rose decided they must be at a crossroads of some sort. “We can continue going straight, Mitzi, or we can go towards where the smell is coming from, what do you think?”

Mitzi pondered for a moment. “It is a nice smell. Bad things don’t normally smell good, do they? I think we should head towards it,” she replied.

Rose placed her hand on the corner of the wall and turned with it. The air seemed to get colder with each step they took. After a few minutes, Rose took one step that felt different- just before she fell down.

Aaagh!” Mitzi shrieked as she fell onto the cold, icy floor on top of Rose. “Are you ok?”

I will be, I think, as soon as you get off of my hair,” she responded.

Oh, sorry,” Mitzi moved her hands. “Can you stand?”

I think so..but there is ice or something slick all over the place,” she answered. “We are in some sort of icy passage, I think.”

Too bad we don’t have one of those..those…luminaries…lumies…light up thingys,” Mitzi said.

Lumines, yes. One of those would be handy right now,” Rose thought. She felt the icy wall and noticed that her voice was beginning to echo when she spoke. The tunnel had widened, she was sure of it.

Suddenly, they heard a sound. Far off at first, it sounded like footsteps in the snow. The sound was getting louder. Soon, the two could hear someone talking, or what sounded like it could be talking. They froze, literally and figuratively.

“I knows you are in here, yes. I knows,” a voice said. “I am bold and brave. I will find you anyway so you should move this way and we can go now,” it spoke again.

Rose decided the voice was right. There was nowhere to hide save for the blackness. Sooner or later they would be discovered by the owner of the voice. “Who are you?” she asked.

A scuffling, shuffling sound followed with a squeal. “Yes! Yes! I knows you are here! Come, over here, come!”

I don’t know about this, Rose,” Mitzi cautioned as they scooted forward on the slippery surface.

A scratching sound echoed around them for an instant and then there was light. It took a moment for eyes to adjust, it was so bright. Mitzi was the first to behold the strange sight before them. “Wow.”

It was dazzling. Beautiful and mesmerizing. Ice all along the walls, the floors, and what looked like snow before them. Mounds of snow, about twenty feet high and just as large in diameter. The cavern they stood in seemed to be alive with reflections from the ice dancing all around them. In the midst of this fascinating sight stood a small creature. Only about two feet tall, it was covered in shaggy hair with large, blue eyes and a brown nose. At first glance, Mitzi thought it was a dog. Then it spoke. “I knows you were in here and it was dark for you. Gurgi is not afraid, so Gurgi came for you.”

Gurgi? Er…thank you,” Rose said. “Would you happen to know where we are?”

Gurgi knows, yes! Yes! Munchings and crunchings here. Good it is! Taste!” the little creature slid his paw like hand into one of the snow piles and pulled out a handful. He then ate it and smiled. “Mmmm-mmmm! Gurgi loves munchings and crunchings!”

Rose reached her hand into a pile of snow and tasted it. “Oh my word- Mitzi! Taste this!”

Mitzi did the same, and smiled in amazement when she realized what it was. “Why, I don’t believe this! It’s dole whip! At least, it tastes like Dole Whip!” she took another handful. “Amazing!”


Dole whip, not yet, no,” Gurgi laughed. “Pineapple snow. Special and only made with magic. That is why only here.”

This is too funny,” Mitzi laughed. “I was always told never to eat yellow snow!”

Rose also laughed. “Oh Mitzi! It is what they use to make the Dole Whip here. No wonder it only tastes this good from a Disney park!

Shhhh!” Gurgi hushed them. “Someone is coming. We have no time, no time. Must go now. Must go. Come, this way! Gurgi will lead,” he said as he walked behind one of the enormous piles of pre-Dole Whip snow.

Following close behind, Rose and Mitzi saw him disappear into a small hole in the wall.

Gurgi! Come back! We can’t fit in there!” Rose called to him. A furry paw-like hand shot out from the tiny hole almost immediately with something in it. Rose took it and glanced at it quickly as the sounds were becoming louder from whoever- or whatever- was coming. It was a white iced cake that had “Eat Me” on the top of it.

Mitzi saw it too and shook her head. “You have got to be kidding me!”

Roselyn looked at her as the sounds grew even louder. She bit the cake and swallowed the bite. Nothing happened. She passed it to Mitzi.

Mitzi ate the rest and swallowed just as Rose shrank. Rose was suddenly the same height as Gurgi had been, and as she appeared to Mitzi to get larger again, Mitzi realized it was only because she herself had also shrunk. Without wasting a moment, the two bolted into the hole in the wall just as someone entered the cavern.

Rose stopped running after Gurgi as curiosity got the best of her. Who was in the cavern? Who was chasing them? She silently crept along until she could hear the voices.

I know she was here. She and that friend of hers. I can sense it,” one voice said.

No one is here now. We searched the rest of the corridors. No way they could have escaped all of us down here,” another answered.

Blast it! We have to stop them. Time is running out, don’t you see? If we don’t get to it before they do...” the voice echoed angrily.

We will stop them, Mr. Harkey. We will. Let’s get back topside. We can check that entrance. Maybe Mallie lied and took them a different way. I never did trust her,” the voice said. Rose gasped despite herself. Mr. Harkey? Could it be Sharkey? The same man that tried to get her pin at the beginning of all this? It simply had to be. Who else? Rose turned and made her way back through the tunnel where Mitzi and Gurgi were waiting for her.

Are you MAD?” Mitzi asked, red faced and flustered. “You have got to be MAD going back there like that! Don’t you do that to me again!”

Rose smiled. “I suppose I am, Mitzi. Quite mad, in fact,” she agreed facetiously. “I am sorry, my friend. I didn’t mean to worry you. Now, though, I know who one of them is for certain, and I think I know the way to where they are searching.”

Searching for what, Rose? What?” Mitzi asked.

I don’t know, Mitzi. I have no idea, but I think we need to find it before they do.”

Come now, come!” Gurgi exclaimed. “No talk now…you grow soon! You grow in here and you die! Come, now, quickly! Follow Gurgi!

The two friends ran down the tiny corridor after their new found furry friend.


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