Diary of A Disney Daydream-Chapter 20: The Skipper Wore Purple

Chapter 20- The Skipper Wore Purple

Rose was stunned once more. It seemed to her as if Michael had just said his final goodbye, and this was a frightening and maddening prospect. It was unfair. All of it. Yet she could do nothing but feel helpless and stare blindly at Merriweather and Mitzi.

“Oh Rose, hon, I am so sorry. I am confused and have to admit that was one of the oddest scenes I have ever been witness to, but I know you are hurting,” Mitzi said, placing her hand upon Rose’s shoulder.

“Now then dearie- brighten up! All is not lost!” Merriweather exclaimed. “Michael is a brave soul, and a strong one. Walt could not have chosen better.”

Rose pondered this for a moment. “You mean, I could see him again? That he could survive?”

“Of course, dearie! Of course! Walt knew when Michael left the property, and he knew the reality of what would happen once Michael went after you. He created a fail safe for just this situation. None of us expected it would take you so long to return to us, that’s all. There is hope, and you are a large part of that. You must shake this off and keep going, dearie. Without you, all will certainly be lost, and think of the dire meaning behind that,” Merriweather frowned.

“Rose, she is right. You have to keep going, after all this. I mean, I would never have flown on a magic carpet for anyone else and I hate to think I did that for nothing!” Mitzi said.

At the mention of the magic carpet, Rose had to smile a little. She knew that Mitzi spoke the truth. She had to keep going. “All right. I can pull myself together,” she responded.

The tenseness of the room broken, the two friends embraced. Merriweather clapped her hands with delight and began bustling around in a tizzy once more. “We haven’t a moment to lose!” she chirped. “Oh, now where did I put it?”

Mitzi and Rose exchanged bemused glances once again. “Can we help?” Rose asked.

“No, no, dearies, I can find it, just takes me a minute or two. It seems that when I hide something I hide it so well even I can not find it,” she laughed.

“I know how that is,” Mitzi said with a chuckle. “I started doing that when I was around forty.”

AHH!” Merriweather yelled excitedly. “Here it is!” She seemed to float as she approached Rose. “Hold out your hand, Rose.”

Rose held out her hand. Merriweather placed a small and ornate blue key in her palm. “This is my key. Take it and use it well, and be wary- do not let this fall into the clutch of those who are evil.”

Rose nodded. “I understand. Do you know what I am supposed to do with these keys?”

Merriweather looked at her and smiled a comforting grin. “Oh my dear Rose, you will know when the time comes. It will become easy for you.”

“That’s a relief,” Mitzi said. “So far NOTHING has been easy for either of us.”

Merriweather nodded in understanding. “The road is often difficult for those who have a clear purpose. You will succeed if you have a lucid head and a strong heart. Now, though, I am afraid we have taken too long already. You must be going!”

With Merriweather shooing them towards the stairs, the two friends had little time to think. They were on their way again into the vast imagination of Walt Disney and his creations.

Upon reaching the top of the narrow stairs Merriweather stopped them. “Remember, dearies, evil hides in many unsuspecting places, as does good. Things are not as they seem all the time. Do keep that in mind, won’t you?”

“Yes, Merriweather. Thank you. Please…could you tell us where we should go next? Do you know?” Rose asked, giving the fairy a hug farewell.

“My dear, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I can promise you this, though. Things will have a way of revealing themselves to you. Now don’t tarry!” she answered, making a shooing motion towards them with her hands. “All my best to you!” she said, and then she promptly vanished.

“I feel like Dorothy Gale from Kansas again- things come and go so quickly here!” Mitzi said, shaking her head.

“Well, I suppose we have to walk now,” Rose said, nodding in agreement.

“I suppose we do, my friend,” Mitzi replied, as she linked her arm in Rose’s and began walking towards what they hoped was the direction of the Magic Kingdom.

After walking for several minutes, Rose was happy and apprehensive at the same time when she smelled freshly popped popcorn wafting through the air. Sure enough, just seconds later they were at the parade entrance of Frontierland and walked around the gate inconspicuously.

“Well….here we are again,” Mitzi said. Rose could tell she was nervous.

“Yes, here we are. Let me have a look around….I saw the clouds in Tomorrowland when we went soaring to new heights with that umbrella,” Rose said. “I think we should steer clear of that for the time being.”

“Agreed!” Mitzi shuddered. “Do you see anything?”

Rose studied the street before her. Nothing. “No, I don’t. I think we should go this way,” she gestured towards Adventureland. “This is the opposite side of the park from Tomorrowland.”

“Agreed again,” Mitzi said. “Do you think they know who you are? That they are really looking for you?”

Rose shuddered. “Well, that’s what the fairies said. I suppose the cloud people want the keys, but I have no clue why or what they are for,” she glanced around carefully. “We shouldn’t talk about it, Mitzi. Who knows who could be listening here?”

“You are right, sorry. Next thing we know lamp posts will start to talk,” Mitzi stated matter-of-factly.

“Exactly. Come on..let’s cut through Pecos Bill’s. The more we can stay off the main walkways the better, I wager,” Rose said, and they darted inside the busy restaurant.

Dodging guests and remaining quiet, the two proceeded into Adventureland. Keeping to the far side of the walkway, they marched ahead. It was when passing Pirates of the Caribbean that Rose began to see what was now becoming familiar to her- blue sparkles floating about. “Ohhh boy,” she muttered as she slowed down.

“Uh-huh. Let me guess- you having another one of those moments?” Mitzi asked.

“Yep. I see something straight ahead and to the left…let’s go!” Rose sped up her pace.

They walked only a few moments when Rose halted suddenly.

“What now?” Mitzi asked.

“It’s…it’s the Jungle Cruise. I think we have to go there,” Rose retorted.

“Of course. Another water related attraction. Had to be water,” Mitzi snorted. “Of course, I prefer walking around soaked to the skin than another flight.”

Rose nudged Mitzi and laughed. “You have a point there. So… to the boats?”

“Yes, Rose,” Mitzi playfully sighed. “To the boats.” They walked down the steps and entered the queue line. The line was very short, and within moments they were at the loading dock and ready to meet their skipper and board the Wamba Wanda- their boat for the excursion. “Wait a sec- aren’t there headhunters or something on this ride?” Mitzi mumbled as they boarded.

“Too late for that now, isn’t it?” the skipper asked.

“You have no idea,” Mitzi replied as Rose elbowed her slightly in the ribs.

They waited for more guests to board and were surprised to see that the Cast Members had held the line and were waiving the Wamba Wanda along, only the two of them as passengers. “OK…that is odd,” Mitzi said as they pulled away from the dock.

Expecting the skipper to launch into a series of corny jokes such as “looks like they finally got that jeep to turn over” and “hippos only attack when they blow bubbles and wiggle their ears”, both women were startled when instead the skipper turned to them and yelled. “FOOLS! Imbeciles!” They yelped.

“You know what?” Mitzi stated in a very calm demeanor, “I should be used to this by now.”

Rose stared, mouth agape, at the skipper. “I beg your pardon?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha. Yes, I can picture you begging. Pathetic,” she responded with a tone that sent chills down Rose’s spine.

Passing the giant butterflies, Rose began to notice something else strange about the skipper. She had a purple uniform on, where most were brown. She had no name tag, either! “You aren’t a skipper, are you?” Rose asked her.

“Why, you are not fun at all, are you Rose?” the woman laughed again. “Nothing gets past you, I see. That is, as long as it is obvious.”

“Hey! That is an insult. You better watch it, lady,” Mitzi began to stand up as Rose grabbed her by the arm.

“No, Mitzi, no. Something tells me we should listen to her.”

“Ah, finally, a word or two of wisdom comes from the mouth of the chosen one,” the woman sneered. She leaned down in front of Rose and stared into her eyes, uncomfortably close. “Don’t expect ME to be one of those fairies that spread sunshine and laughter, especially to YOU.”

Something was all too familiar to Rose by the time the boat reached Inspiration Falls. Those eyes, and that laugh were unmistakable. “Maleficent,” she whispered, barely audible.

“Hello, Rose. So nice to see you again after all these years. That is what you want to hear, am I correct?” Maleficent spoke contemptuously. Rose was relieved when the sinister fairy stood and backed away once more.

“I…I…have no idea what I want to hear, Maleficent,” Rose stammered.

“You will get no cheerful welcome from me, you spoiled little brat,” Maleficent snarled.

“Um….Rose? Isn’t this a good time to jump out of the boat and make like Olympic swimmers?” Mitzi whispered.

“Good advice, Rose. Perhaps your friend has more intelligence than you possess,” Maleficent laughed. “What do you think?”

Rose paused. Mitzi could not understand the hesitation but watched her friend while holding her breath and preparing to get drenched once more.

“No, Mitzi. I think….I think we would already be goners if this was our adversary,” she replied, a bit calmer.

“Now that is the first intelligent thing you have said,” Maleficent said as she stared into what Rose felt was the depth of her very soul.

“I could crush you, electrocute you, drown you, or skin you alive. I could do anything I wanted with you, were it not for one thing,” Maleficent grunted. “I am also in danger, so you had better get this right. If you don’t…” she leaned close to Rose’s face again, “I will return to you in a much worse temperament than you find me now.”

Rose leaned back despite herself. “I…I see.”

“Silence!” Maleficent shouted. “We are nearly there.” She turned to face the front of the boat as they entered the darker temple portion of the ride. As they neared the tiger in the cave, the boat stopped.

Maleficent waved her arms in an uplifting motion and a door slid open behind the glaring tiger with the green eyes. “This is where you get out,” Maleficent said. “I did my part. You remember that. I will see you again soon, I hope.”

Rose nodded, in complete understanding of Maleficent’s implied meaning. With Mitzi behind her, she jumped from the boat to the tiger, a bit startled when she landed awkwardly and had to grab on to the tiger to keep from falling. The animal looked much more frightening in the darkness and directly in front of her face.

Steadying herself, she helped Mitzi step around the animatronic and took a look at Maleficent, who was still glaring at Rose. “I will succeed, Maleficent.”

“Let’s hope so,” Maleficent scoffed. “Let’s hope so. Come, Diablo my pet.” With that, Diablo landed on her shoulder as she turned and the Wamba Wanda continued down its recognizable route. “Mha ha ha ha ha!”echoed through the cave bouncing off of the uncharted pathway ahead.

The two friends stood in utter silence as the realization of their encounter hit them, a passageway waiting in total darkness before them. Turning back was not an option.



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