Diary of A Disney Daydream- Chapter Nineteen: Michael’s Choice

Chapter 19- Michael’s Choice

“Rose? Roselyn- oh for the love of Pete will you wake up?” Mitzi stressed. Rose heard her and could not help but come back to consciousness slightly amused.

“Who is Pete?” she mumbled.

Mitzi sighed with relief as Rose sat up and leaned against the front of the bed. She had fallen into Michael’s arms when she fainted, and he gently allowed her to slide to the floor as he ran to get Mitzi.

Rose shook her head. “I just do not understand this. So much to forget! How could I have forgotten?”

“Hush now, Rose, it will be all right. You are home now. We can figure things out together,” Michael said, speaking out from the blue velvet covered chaise in the corner of the room.

“Excuse me?” Mitzi looked beyond puzzled as she exchanged glances with Rose and then Michael. “Why do I get the feeling that I missed an episode of my favorite soap opera? Someone want to fill me in here?”

“Oh Mitzi, I don’t know how to tell you this,” Rose said, glancing nervously at her hands and noticing that they looked quite smooth. She quickly attributed that fact to the lighting of the lumieres and turned her attention back to her best friend of several years. “Mitzi, I remember…..Michael. He was …is…my first love. My true love.”

Mitzi jumped to her feet, shocked. “Did you drug her? What did you give to her? I demand that you tell me right now!” she accosted Michael. Michael, who could not help himself, chuckled.

“No one gave me a thing, Mitzi, really- it’s the truth! I was so in love with Michael…I…don’t understand how on earth I forgot anything, especially this,” Rose cried.

“But….Rose! He’s, well……he is old!” she glanced at Michael. “No offense intended…er…Michael.”

“None taken, Mitzi, but she speaks the truth. I have loved her for my entire life. There has never been anyone else. I let her go because I was forced to do so, not by choice. I knew in my heart that she would come back to me one day,” Michael glanced at his hands. “Obviously I thought that would be a long time before now.”

Mitzi stood in the center of the room and stared at Rose and Michael. “I am trying to wrap my head around this, truly I am. I know you wouldn’t make this up on your strangest day, Rose, but it is a lot to absorb.”

Rose nodded. “Coming here has been a lot to absorb, Mitzi, and you have been the best friend I could have ever asked for. I know this will take you some time. There are things I don’t completely understand myself.”

“OK, tell me this- why is he old, and you are not? I mean, how much older was he when you lived here?” Mitzi asked.

Michael replied calmly. “I was 10 and Rose was 6 when I met her. I was drawn to her even at that early age and very protective almost immediately. When I was 15 and she was 11, she was taken. I knew that leaving the confines of the park was out of the question, so I went to Walt. I asked him for permission to leave and search for her. He told me that I would age rapidly if I left and asked me to stay, but I was headstrong. I knew the price that would have to be paid, yet Rose was worth more than anything to me. Walt did not try to force me to stay, knowing how I felt about her. He was a very intelligent fellow, Walt, and like a father to me.”

“Did you know where she went? Did you ever see her?” Mitzi asked. Rose remained silent as she recalled the once handsome and strong young man that had given up everything for her.

Michael sighed. “No. I searched everywhere. They hid her quite well. I looked for years before my own mortality forced me to return. By then, Walt was ill. I lost Rose, and then returned only to lose him. It was a very bleak time for me.”

“Oh Michael, I am so sorry,” Rose cried, another tear running down her cheek.

“Walt spoke to me shortly before his death. He told me that Rose would be protected from within herself- and that she would one day return. That is how I became the caretaker of sorts for the Magic Kingdom. I confess that I did not understand what it meant that she would be protected from within. Such a fragile, sweet girl. It made no sense to me, until now,” he said, looking into Rose’s eyes as the years melted away for both. “You have the gift. Walt created you, your very essence. It explains everything.” he said.

“Um, hello? It does? I am still not quite clear on this, folks,” Mitzi said.

“It means, Mitzi, that I have the power of Walt Disney within me. He created me, but Michael was already a creation of someone else for a longer period of time before Walt immortalized him in his version of Peter Pan. He does not have the exact abilities that I do, am I right?” she looked at Michael for assurance.

“That, my dear, is exactly right,” he replied.

“I see, so is that why you have been having these experiences since we got here?” Mitzi asked.

Roselyn nodded. “I am so sorry I got you into this. I had no memory of who I was or where I came from, you know that. I would never have come with you had I known it would put you in any danger, Mitzi.”

Mitzi looked at her friend. They had been through everything together. Children, divorce, tragedies and celebrations.  She smiled. “Oh shut up. You know I would have come anyway.”

Roselyn stood and hugged Mitzi. “You are incredible.”

“No, I am ordinary. You are the incredible one, Miss Rose,” she replied. Mitzi paused. “So now what?”

“I am so glad you asked that!” a voice from the doorway boomed. Mitzi shrieked and even Michael seemed startled.

“Merriweather- you should not sneak up on people like this!” he retorted.

“Nonsense, nonsense. I am here to help of course. This will never do. I need to rummage through the place, Michael,” the fairy stated. “Today is far from ordinary, my dears. Today and YOU will be extraordinary.”

Merriweather turned away from the door in a whoosh, and Michael followed after her. “You know you can’t just use anything you want from these rooms. It could be disastrous!” he shouted after her. Mitzi and Rose exchanged a quizzical glance and then followed the two figures down the narrow hallway.

Merriweather was poised outside of a large blue door. “Open this door, Michael. When you see what we are going to do I seriously doubt that you will have any issue with it.”

Michael thought for a moment, then shrugged. “This is not your typical day, now is it?” he said as he took the keys from his pocket and proceeded to unlock the door for her, standing aside with a look of concern on his wrinkled face.

Merriweather was agile and fast. She sprung into action in a blur before the others’ eyes. “Now where would that be? I know it is in here, I checked with Pixie Hollow myself,” she muttered. Mitzi was the one who giggled as they observed the bulky woman try to stuff herself under a cabinet in search of her quarry.

AHA!” a victorious but muffled cry of delight came from under the cabinet. Merriweather retreated and stood, dusting herself off. “Observe, my dears, a gift that many would quite literally die for.” She held her hand out to them, and in it was a beautiful and ornately decorated violet vial of what Rose thought was some sort of liquid.

“What is it, Merriweather?” Rose asked.

“It is not for you, Rose dear,” she turned. “This is for Michael.”

Michael looked at her with a heartbreaking look on his face. “Merriweather, I…I am not the man I once was. I don’t know if my…this body can tolerate a potion like that now. It could kill me.”

There was a moment of silence in the room and Merriweather slowly approached him. “Yes, dearie, it could. No one is certain of the outcome, but we are all certain of one thing. If you do not try, we will all fail. Rose needs you, and she does not need you as you are now, does she?” She gently took Michael’s hand in her own and placed the vial in it, closing his hand around the object. “It must be tonight, dearie. She has arrived and we mustn’t waste any more time.”

With the last bit of news announced, Michael seemed to transform before them all. His eyes narrowed, a slightly dangerous gleam appearing that they had not seen before. He nodded, and moved to approach Rose.

“Michael, no. You do not have to drink that. There must be another way,” Rose emphatically pleaded.

“I did it for you then, and I do this for you now. I love you Rose. Please, remember that… remember me.”  The years melted away for both of them as he leaned in and kissed her. It was a kiss that she knew she would never forget. It transcended every aspect of their beings, and it left her completely speechless and unable to move as he pulled away from her. He turned and abruptly walked out of the room to meet his fate.



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