Diary of A Disney Daydream- Chapter 18: A Past Revealed

Chapter 18- A Past Revealed

“Come Rose, follow me,” the gentleman spoke in a hushed tone as he led her from the room.


The two headed down the dimly lit corridor past several large wooden doors, one of which Roselyn guessed Mitzi was sleeping behind.


After a few moments, the man stopped in front of a door that was made of smooth and darker polished wood. Taking out a key from his vest pocket, he placed it in the ornate lock on the door and turned it clockwise. With a loud “click”, the door was prepared to reveal the secrets in the room beyond. Rose took a deep breath to brace herself, yet nothing could truly prepare anyone for the sight that was presented to her.



“It’s wondrous, isn’t it?” the gentleman remarked upon seeing Roselyn’s face.


“Oh my, yes. It takes your breath away! What is all of this!” Roselyn gestured to the dozens of oddly shaped artifacts that were all around them. There were some shells on the floor sparkling in the dim light (did shells sparkle?), musical instruments of all shapes and sizes floating above their heads silently without any visible strings to hold them there. In the far corner of the room, there was a golden wardrobe that smiled at the two with a cheerful face. In the middle of the rear wall was a mirror, about six feet tall, which seemed to be suspended in mid air rather than attached to anything, its gilding shining as it radiated with unimaginable magic. These objects, and many more, too many to count, were strewn about the room as if it were some sort of magical storage facility. Roselyn giggled to herself as she thought of the unremarkable attic in her own home. She could spend hours in this room.


“Now, Rose, come over here,” the man headed towards the rear wall. He stopped in front of the ornate mirror and looked at her. “Are you ready?”


Rose crossed the room, looking precariously above her to make sure the large tuba would not fall on her head. She looked at her host and nodded tentatively.


“This is the Magic Mirror. It will show you all you need to know, but you can not ask it questions. It is rather tempermental and I would hate for it to get into a bad mood again. The last time I asked it a question it would not talk to me for eight years,” he said.


“You mean to tell me….this….this is THE magic mirror? From Snow White?” Roselyn gasped.


“Of course, Rose. This is where Mr. Disney kept all of his magical props. I have been caring for them for a long time, ever since..well, perhaps you had better look into the mirror first,” he replied.


Roselyn gazed at the mirror. The depth of the reflection was amazing, better than any 3D movie she had ever seen. The colors were vibrant as a haze of smoke appeared, first bright green, then gradually lightening to hues of blue, and finally Rose could see the outline of a figure.


There was a girl standing near Cinderella’s Carousel, eating cotton candy and smiling as she twirled around in her beautiful pink dress. She had ribbons in her long blonde hair that matched her dress perfectly. The girl seemed to be around ten years old, yet Roselyn could not be sure. She looked so happy. Then another figure joined her. A man, about thirty years of age Roselyn guessed, walked over to the girl and bent over, talking though Roselyn could not hear what they were saying. The girl nodded, smiling, and took the man by the hand. They proceeded through the castle walkway, all the way down Main Street USA, and at the end of the street the girl hesitated. She seemed concerned quite suddenly, and as she turned she seemed to look right at Roselyn with a look of alarm and fear in her eyes.


In an instant, she tried to pull away from the man she was with, but it was too late. The man picked her up and exited the park gates. As they left, the girl went limp in his arms. To bystanders and park guests, it simply looked as if the man’s daughter had been exhausted and fallen asleep in his arms. How sweet. Yet Roselyn had witnessed the truth, and she nearly fainted as the mirror revealed the identity of the man. It was her ex husband, Joe. His hair was a bit shaggier, yet there was no doubt in her mind. But who was the girl?


The mirror then clouded once more with misty blue haze, and Roselyn had to look away.


“Rose, oh Rose, are you all right? Do you want to stop?” the gentleman asked.


Roselyn shook her head. She had to continue now. How could she stop when her mind was reeling with so many questions?


The gentleman slid his arm about her waist to offer some support. “Very well. Look closely and clear your mind,” he told her.


She gazed into the depths once again and the haze returned. This time, as the mysterious fog cleared, there was a young man standing in a wooded clearing. He was pacing back and forth, wringing his hands and shaking his head, tears running down both cheeks. The young man was about the age of fifteen, Roselyn guessed. He was terribly upset and Roselyn had to fight the instinct to reach out and try and touch him to offer comfort.


Suddenly, a bright light floated down beside his head, and Roselyn knew at once it was Tinkerbell. The greenish-yellow glow alighted on his shoulder and he seemed to calm down long enough to talk to her. When she left his side, he walked through the woods and proceeded to go through a dark tunnel. He walked for a few moments longer, and Roselyn felt as if she was taking the walk with him. He walked with purpose and it was clear to the observer that he was doing something very important.


Night was beginning to fall, and the lights of the Magic Kingdom flickered to life as the young man reached Cinderella’s Castle. He strode through what Roselyn knew was now the restaurant, and he revealed the cast service elevator, then boarded it. The elevator stopped, the doors opened, and he was in a large room with minimal furnishings. Someone was sitting at a desk nearest the cathedral window to his right, and he approached the person with a great deal of confidence. Again Roselyn gasped, as she realized who the man was. It was Walt Disney.


The young man and Mr. Disney spoke for a long time, both with concerned and saddened expressions on their faces. Mr. Disney stared out the window when they finished for several minutes, finally turning to the young man and nodding his head slowly, a weary expression on his face. He reached out to the boy and hugged him the way a father would hug his son-as if he were saying good-bye. The young man broke the embrace, wiped the tears from his eyes, and left the room. He left the castle, walked down Main Street, and left the park. The mirror hazed over once more.


Roselyn could not understand what she saw, but she remembered not to ask the mirror. She turned instead to her host.


“Can you explain any of this, I mean, I understand some of it and can see the emotions, but it would help if this thing had volume,” Roselyn said.


The man nodded. “I most certainly can. The young man you saw was me, Rose. And the little girl….that was you.”


Roselyn felt dizzy. “OK, now I think I need to sit down.”


“Of course, of course,” the man bustled about to find her a chair that would not grab her or float around. He located one quickly and pulled it across the floor. “Sit, Rose, sit,” he said.


He patted her on the hand. “Now let’s work this out, shall we? The facts are the facts, so they say, and there is nothing to fear from what has already come to pass, so I will tell you more of your story,” he said, taking a deep breath.


“Rose, you were created by Mr. Disney the same as we all were. We were his greatest treasures, his imagination gave us life the moment his pen hit a page. Quite miraculous really. No one knows how he did it, he just did. I was created when he wrote a character description for Peter Pan. You, my dear, were created when he did the same for Sleeping Beauty. You are, in fact, THE Briar Rose.”


“We were very happy when Mr. Disney brought us here. There was so much room to play and run, and the fun was endless. We had the choice of course, to stay in Neverland and not age, or to give up a day or two, sometimes even years, to play inside the human world, but we were never to reveal our secret or to leave the proximity of the park gates. That would have been disastrous and would have broken Mr. Disney’s heart, not to mention place us all in danger. It was simply unmentionable, and for the first few years things were quite chipper.”


“I met you one day by the carousel. You were eleven, and you were already quite a beauty. Your personality was pure magic and I loved to be in your presence. I was a boy of fourteen when we met, yet I chose to give up some years to sneak away and play with you. We would spend hours just walking and talking, and I….” he stammered and stopped.


“You…loved me. Didn’t you?” her voice barely a hoarse whisper, Roselyn understood.


The man nodded. “Yes. I loved you so. You became my very reason for living, and I could not wait for your twelfth birthday. You see, our years were a bit different than human years. Our aging process, if you will, is based on our story. We mature faster yet we keep younger appearances….that is…unless we leave the park,” he sighed. “I doubt you remember any of this. I am sorry. But look, I have carried your photograph with me all these years,” he took a worn photo from his pocket and held it out to her.


“The girl…is…that me?” Roselyn asked, her voice shaking.


“Yes, Rose,” he answered.


“Oh God. You left…for me?” she began to cry, realizing the sacrifice he had made.


“Yes, my Rose,” he answered, gingerly lifting his hand to her cheek to wipe away the tear that was falling.


“Michael?” she remembered.




Roselyn fainted… in the arms of a man who was now old.


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