Diary of A Disney Daydream-Chapter Seventeen: Luminés and Ghosts

Chapter Seventeen: Luminés and Ghosts



As they descended down the stairs that had appeared just inside the tree, spiraling down into yet another unknown, Mitzi made a sound that could only be described as a snort.


“Mitzi? You ok?” Roselyn asked.


“Oh yes, I am fine. Just wishing I had lost that final 15 pounds before this trip is all. My this is a narrow stairwell!” she exclaimed as she examined the tiny steps.


“It will get larger, just ahead now,” the voice of their mysterious host floated up from somewhere below. “This was not built for adults, you see.”


“I believe that!” Mitzi retorted. As soon as the words left her lips, she blinked in utter amazement as she looked around. Before her at the base of the narrow stairway was a vast room, nearly the size of her living room at home. There were small gold lanterns every few feet along the wall that lit the space, yet they were not electric lights, fire, or gas. Mitzi was pondering this puzzle when their host appeared in a doorway at the other end of the room.


“This way, this way. I have it all ready for you now,” he gestured.


Roselyn and Mitzi followed, speechless. They walked, still cautiously through the doorway to find a delightful site. There was a small table, just big enough for four, filled with scones and fruit plates. In the center was a pristine tea pot that matched the delicate china cups before each place setting. It was so clean and spotless, and a happy room.

“This is…incredible! You live here?” Rosleyn asked.


The man shook his head sadly and thought a moment before he responded. “Ah, yes, I am alone now. There used to be many of us, but they had to return. I…I chose to stay behind.” He cleared his throat. “Please, forgive an old man. Sit…sit and let us have tea. You need your strength, now. I am sure you have many questions, but you are safe here and you can rest for the night. Morning will be best to prepare you, I think. Yes, morning.”


They ate their fill of the delicious food items laid before them. The conversation was kept light and it was obvious that no one wanted to spoil such a treat with discussion of the gloomsayers, although they themselves felt like the matter hung over their own heads as clouds.


When finished, Mitzi yawned and Roselyn stretched. Adventuring was tough business and it was beginning to wear on the both of them.


“Come, let me show you to your rooms,” the man said. “You must rest.”


He stood and motioned for the two friends to follow and they eagerly obliged. The kitchenette doorway led into a hallway, again fairly narrow but just large enough for an adult to walk through. Suddenly, Mitzi let out a small shriek and they stopped to look at her.


“LOOK! Oh my! What on earth?” she gestured to one of the golden, illuminating lanterns that were attached to the wall. Roselyn looked closely. There, in the midst of the nearly blinding golden light, were two very distinct eyes staring back at her.


“My goodness ladies- don’t make such noises! You will frighten them and we will have to surface for candles or flashlights if they choose to blackout. No worries, they will not harm you,” he said.


“What…are…they?” Mitzi and Roselyn asked at the same moment.


“They are illumés, dears. They control the lanterns for most of Neverland these days.”


The two looked at one another, surprise yet again spreading across their faces. “Neverland?”


“Come, you have had a long day no doubt, as have I. I will answer all of your questions in the morning,” he replied as he continued to shuffle along the corridor.


Soon, he stopped at a pink wooden doorway. It was a shiny door, and he had to stoop to open it and walk through. “This is your room, Rose. I do hope you like it,” he stated, a hint of excitement in his voice. “It has been waiting for you.”


Roselyn gasped as she ducked into the room. It was small, yet brightly lit with pastel accents on the furniture and a pink and blue striped bedspread. Rose sat on the bed and ran her hand over the cool and soft spread. She could not figure out what material it was made from, but she suspected it was not anything man made. The bed was so soft and inviting, she could not help but yawn again.


“Mitzi will be next door, and I am two doors away should you need anything at all. Rest well, Rose,” the gentleman said, and without hesitation, he closed the door behind him. Roselyn laid back on the amazing bed and fell asleep instantly.


She dreamed of bright colors, and of children’s laughter. She was young again in the dream, and running in a field of flowers chasing after someone, but she could not see who. She stopped running beside a large oak tree for a moment, and heard someone softly crying. She looked around the tree, but could not locate where it was coming from. Suddenly she realized- she was not dreaming the sound. Blinking her eyes abruptly, she forced herself out of the peaceful slumber. A moment later she gasped with astonishment as she made out the figure that was sitting in a chair next to the bed. It was the gentleman, and he was sobbing quietly with his head down and his eyes closed.


Roselyn was torn. She wanted to comfort him, yet she had no idea how she could possibly accomplish that if she did not know why he was crying. She didn’t want to startle the old man, but she decided it would be best if she attempted to get some answers to the dilemma. She cautiously moved her hand towards his where it was resting on the bed.


The man did not jump, he merely lifted his head and looked at her, tears streaming down his wrinkled face. “Oh, Rose,” he sighed.


Rose grasped his hand, and although he was frail, there was something entirely familiar about his touch. Familiar, and comforting. “I think you had better tell me the rest,” she remarked. He nodded, slowly and silently, and for a time the two sat in the dimness of the room before he continued to speak.


“You really don’t know, do you?” he asked. “You recall nothing?”


This time, it was Roselyn’s turn to nod. “No, I am so sorry. I wish I did. I wish you would stop crying,” she responded, squeezing his hand a bit more.


“Forgive me, my Rose, for I am old and my emotions wear on me more now than they did in my youth. I shall tell you. I must. For finally you have come home, you have come back to us, and you need to know who you are.”


Roselyn prepared herself for what was coming. At least, she thought she did.



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