Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Fifteen: Waterfalls & Trees

Chapter Fifteen: Waterfalls & Trees

After the Fire Department released them, Roselyn and Mitzi walked out of the Hall of Presidents and back under the Liberty Tree.


“I do not believe this. I really do not believe that we were just attacked by Abraham Lincoln!” Roselyn shook her head.

“Well, if you want to be technical, we didn’t. It was an animatronic figure of Abe. Could have been BoBo the Clown and would have had the same thing happen. Don’t hold it against him,” Mitzi laughed nervously as she attempted to shake some water out of her hair.

“You are handling this well,” Roselyn stated.

“Well, it happened. Might as well embrace the experience, right?”

Roselyn shrugged. “I suppose so. I think we could have been seriously hurt in there, Mitzi.”

“Well, no kidding. What good will it do to think about it now though, Rosie? How did you know to use the key like that, by the way?”

“I just… felt it. I don’t really know how else to explain. A…warming of some sort just came over me and I just knew,” Roselyn replied, a frown wrinkling her brow as she tried to find the words to describe the indescribeable.

“OK, well that’s great, but what do we do now? We are soaked and I have no idea what we need to do next,” Mitzi said.

Roselyn thought hard as she looked around. There were no bystanders with clouds. Not a single one. “That’s odd,” she thought. Suddenly, the umbrella she was holding chimed in.


“EXCUSE ME. I am still here, you know.”

Roselyn jumped and turned the umbrella beak side up. “Oh, sorry. I am not used to my umbrellas talking to me,” she startled.

“WELL, if you want to know where to head next, you may ask me,” it replied tartly.

“Ask you?”

“Oh I love the high intelligence level. Must I repeat myself every time I speak to you?”

“Er…um…sorry. Where…should we go now?”

“Much better. Good heavens! Now then, come…let’s walk towards the castle. It is safer to keep on the move, you know. Keep them guessing,” the umbrella said.

image image image image image image image

The three of them began the trek back towards the castle. Still no clouds appeared anywhere around. “Why are there no clouds? I can’t see any!” she asked as they walked past a Christmas Shop.


“They are on the other side of the park, I would imagine. You heard the Call, did you not?” the umbrella asked.

“Call?” Roselyn looked perplexed.

“Oh goodie- back to repeating again are we? Are YOU the bird here or am I?”

“Sorry! I just do not understand what you mean by that,” Roselyn said.

“I see. Did you hear nothing earlier? A screech, a growl?”

Roselyn thought. Of course! “I heard it! A low growling, rumbling sound. I didn’t see anyone, but yes- I did hear that! What was it?”

“That, my dear, was the Call. The evil is congregating somewhere nearby.”

“Won’t people notice? I mean, all those people in one place?”

The umbrella rolled it’s eyes. “Roselyn, think. You are in Walt Disney World. Magic happens every minute here, you have seen that have you not?” It paused. “Thousands of people are here right now. In each attraction, hundreds every single hour. It is not unusual for a large group to congregate in areas, especially those that are protected by forces of good…or evil.”

“You are definitely the smartest umbrella I have ever met,” Mitzi chuckled.

“Funny,” the umbrella retorted. “Now, I think it would be wise to meet with an old friend. He will be able to help guide you, and I believe you need it.”


“You will see. First, I feel like a ride. Hmm. Let me see now,” it blinked and looked around quizzically. “Aha! I know where we can find him. Could be rough going, but you should hold up well. Yes, indeed- that will do quite nicely!”

“Hold up well? What does that mean?” Mitzi asked.

This time the umbrella chuckled. “Ladies, let’s go to the left here- across that wooden bridge, that’s right. We need to head for Splash Mountain.”

image image

“Well, at least we are already soaked,” Mitzi said. Roselyn nodded in agreement.

They walked past the landing and looked at the people on Splash Mountain’s final plunge. The guests screamed with delight as they plummeted over the waterfall into the “Briar Patch” with Brer Rabbit.


On a normal day, this would look like fun to Roselyn. Today, however, she was apprehensive. Each ride she and Mitzi had gone on had turned into a different sort of adventure- the dangerous sort.

They waited in line for awhile, more relaxed than the previous waits due to the lack of clouds hovering around them. This was viewed as a welcome break by both women. Soon, it was time for them to climb aboard their log and begin the journey that would culminate in a 52 1/2 foot drop.



The geese and other critters started to sing “How Do You Do?”. image

Soon, the riders found themselves at first drop, going down into the caverns of Chick-A-Pin Hill where Br’er Rabbit was laughing at Br’er Bears misfortune.


The critters then began to sing “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place“. Br’er Fox managed to trap Br’er Rabbit in a bee hive as a droplet of water fell on Mitzis head.


A family of rabbits and moles sang “Burrows Lament” just before heading up the final lift.

image image

Roselyn thought how adorable the ride was and was beginning to relax as the scene grew rather dark, minus the light coming from the exit of the cave at the top of the ascent, and just before that she saw Br’er Rabbit about to be cooked into a stew, one of Br’er Foxes other bright ideas. Cute, she thought. Then it happened.

The ascent was a slow one, as two buzzards looked down on them and told them to turn back.

image image

The darkness was eerie, and the umbrella suddenly spoke in a distinct but harsh whisper. “Ah, the moment of opportunity has arrived! It is time, ladies. Open me- NOW, and hold on.”

Roselyn opened the umbrella. Mitzi clung to Roselyn. “Why do we need to hold on?” she asked just before they reached the summit before the plunge. Suddenly, they were going over the falls and it was too late for questions- or answers.


The updraft seemed to come from nowhere and swooped under the cloth of the umbrella, lifting Roselyn and Mitzi out of the log and high above the park.


“Ooooh loooord!” Mitzi groaned, clinging to Roselyn for dear life. “Why do we have to fly so often?”

“Won’t someone see us?” Roselyn shouted to the umbrella, holding on as tightly as she could.

The umbrella only laughed as they glided through the air. The entire Magic Kingdom was visible to them. Roselyn scanned the park for the clouds and located them in an area adjacent to SpaceMountain. “Clouds! There they are! I can see them!”

“Brace yourselves, ladies,” the umbrella shouted as they shifted direction rather suddenly. Mitzi squeeked.

They were beginning to descend, although it was not immediately clear where they would land.

Moments later, the Earth was getting closer and closer. Wafting down rather than falling, their feet gently touched the ground upon landing.

Mitzi whirled around and sat down. “OK- didn’t see that coming.”

“You ok?” Roselyn asked, sitting on the ground beside her.

“Yeah, I am ok. Just a little shaky. That’s all. Flight. Again. Not fun,” she commented while catching her breath. Their surroundings became more vivid. “Where are we?”

Roselyn looked around. “Umbrella? Where are we?”

The umbrella was silent. “Umbrella?” Roselyn asked again. She picked up the umbrella and shook it ever so slightly.

“Oh. Great! We land in the middle of the woods and our talking know-all umbrella decides to be mute. Wonderful.”

“Mitzi, come on. I think we should head towards some form of civilization,” Roselyn held out her hand and helped Mitzi to her feet. “We need to regroup and form a plan of some sort.”

“OK. Which way?”

Roselyn thought a moment. “Well, as we landed I noticed that Splash Mountain was behind us, so let’s head that way.”

The two began to walk through the wooded area. The ceiling of pine trees preventing much sunlight from getting through, but also providing a repose from the heat. They walked for a minute or two when Roselyn froze in her footsteps.

“Uh-oh. What now?” Mitzi asked. “Rosie?”

Roselyn gestured towards what she saw. In the midst of the clearing ahead was a pristine park bench, and on the bench sat an older distinguished looking gentleman with a top coat, hat, cane, and beard.

He was smiling at them.


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