Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Fourteen: Danger Becomes Real

Chapter Fourteen: Danger Becomes Real


“Do you think we have them all? Flora said there would be three keys, didn’t she?” Mitzi asked.


Roselyn thought for a moment. “No, she said we had to get two keys from her friends. That means there must be more, because we have one from Mickey, one from Flora, and one from the pin trading Cast Member. Now I find this in my fanny pack.” She handed the note to Mitzi.


“What now? You mean to tell me we have no idea where to go now, and no idea how many keys there could be??? Great. Misguided as usual. Next thing you know, we will have to fight Disney villains by ourselves. How about a sword fight with Captain Hook? Guess I should have brushed up on my fencing skills before going on vacation,” Mitzi sighed.


“Mitzi, I am sorry, but it is what it is. We have been chosen, and so far we’ve made it through, haven’t we? Don’t tell me you would lose your nerve in front of a pirate that is afraid of a crocodile?” Roselyn asked.


Mitzi managed to crack a smile. “Well, no. I suppose I wouldn’t. But where do we go now? Do you see any of those evil people? I still sense it.”


Roselyn looked all around. Standing in front of Splash Mountain and the Frontierland Railroad, she could see the clouds were scattered among the now crowded walkways. Floating above people, the clouds were various shades of grey. Farther in the distance, Roselyn saw one that was nearly black. It gave her a shudder as she saw a flicker of lightening and she just knew that it must be Sharkey or someone as slick as he was.

“Yes, they are scattered, but they are here,” Rosie told Mitzi, deciding to leave the details for later. “I think we should keep moving.”


“OK, good idea. I don’t want to sit here and act like a sitting duck. Where to?”


“Hello ladies!” a familiar voice sounded suddenly. “Yoo hoo- over here, it’s me, Eunice, darlings!”


Mitzi and Roselyn swirled around defensively. To their relief, there was Eunice, the kind woman that had such a passion for pastries at the resort, and Flora’s (or rather, Eloise’s) friend.


“Eunice! Hello there. We were just discussing the fact that we have no clue where we need to be going at the moment. Would you happen to have any advice?” Mitzi asked.


“Of course! Well, actually dearie I have something better for you,” she smiled and reached into her handbag. “Ah- here it is,” she handed the object to Roselyn.


It was an umbrella. Roselyn looked at Mitzi, then Eunice, quizzically. “It is an umbrella?”


“So glad you got an education, dearie,” Eunice laughed. For a second her laughter sounded like the chiming of tiny bells, Roselyn thought to herself. “Haven’t you heard that it helps to have an umbrella when rain is expected? Typical for it to rain in Florida, you know. Now then, I need to be going. You will know what to do when the time comes. Toodles!” Eunice moved so quickly she was gone from them before Roselyn had a chance to blink.


“Well, great. That was helpful,” Mitzi said, a bit sarcastically. “An umbrella? You have got to be joking. I would feel a lot better if we were armed with something a little more substantial than that thing.”


“Mitzi, you can’t be serious! Armed? It isn’t up to us to destroy anything here, good or bad. It was all Walt’s creation. I could never alter that,” Roselyn exclaimed.


“Well I could alter quite a bit if I had to, Rosie. Or need I refresh your memory as to the dolls who intended to alter us?”


Roselyn shook her head. “I don’t know what to think. It is all so…surreal.” Something growled in the distance. “Did you hear that, Mitzi?”


“Hear what?”


“Nevermind. I think we need to walk for awhile. We have stood in one place for too long,” Rosleyn replied.


“It’s about time you decided to move. And could you please hold me right-side up? I am beginning to get dizzy!” an unfamiliar voice chimed in.


Roselyn jumped and Mitzi gasped. “Rosie- what- who….”


“Right here, ladies. Hello?!” the voice responded. It was the umbrella.

The umbrella seemed perfectly ordinary at first glance, until the two noticed the head of a parrot that was carved into the handle. Roselyn was indeed holding it upside-down. She turned the umbrella handle-side up as she realized that fact, and the parrot looked her in the eyes.


“You are a talking umbrella?” she asked. Mitzi moved closer to Roselyn’s shoulder to block the view of anyone behind them. “Of course- you are Mary Poppin’s umbrella!”


“Good. Now that we have that established perhaps you would like to listen to what I have to say?” the parrot answered.


“Um, yes, of course we would,” Roselyn replied.


“Good. Do not lose me. Do not put me down, and do not turn me upside down again,” the parrot continued. “You need to walk. Just listen to me as you stroll. I won’t be offended if we don’t maintain eye contact.”


Mitzi and Roselyn glanced at each other briefly. They started walking up the path towards Liberty Square.

“That’s better. Now, don’t mind me. I will speak up if I need you,” he said.


“This has got to be the strangest vacation in history,” Mitzi said as they reached the Liberty Tree.

“I agree with that,” Roselyn replied. “Whew, it’s a warm one today. Why don’t we go there and take a break to cool off for a few minutes?” she gestured across the walkway to the Hall of Presidents.

“Sounds like a good idea to me, of course, I have been wrong quite often on this trip,” Mitzi chuckled.


The two entered the Hall of Presidents and breathed in the cool air that greeted them. The Colonial décor was beautiful and welcoming. White walls and portraits of former US Presidents gave a feeling of austere wisdom to the both of them.




The umbrella remained silent as they were admitted into the theater and sat in the plush covered seats to watch an abbreviated history of the United States of America. The film stirred emotions in both friends as they watched the history of the birth of their nation on the enormous screen before them.


At the conclusion of the film, the curtain lifted to reveal all of the former Presidents. Each one appeared to be alive. Some sitting, some standing, all glanced over the audience and seemed to breathe. Tiny nuances of personality made the animatronic figures appear more lifelike than was possible.

Each President bowed his head regally as the announcer’s voice introduced them. The spotlight lingered on each one just long enough for a brief acknowledgement until it came time for the current President to speak his brief statement.

This in turn prompted a discussion of ideals from others, and when Abraham Lincoln stood to speak, Roselyn and Mitzi were captivated by the sheer magic and realism of the moment. Perhaps they were a little too captivated, for as Lincoln began to speak, it was not the expected words that came from the former President’s mouth.

“I see you all here today. You have come to hear me say that I value freedom. Today I shall not say the usual words. Today I say to you that I value your freedom, true,  yet I tire from the lack of my own. Years have I been captive on this stage, and only recently have I been shown the way to break free,” Lincoln turned his head to look at the exact seats Roselyn and Mitzi were sitting in. “Isn’t that right, Roselyn? Mitzi?”


Roselyn and Mitzi held on to the arm rests of the seats, nearly frozen with horror. The animatronic Lincoln threw it’s head back and maniacal laughter echoed through the theater as guests began fleeing for the exits. The Cast Member in the front of the theater was frantically pushing buttons in the control panel on the stage, to no avail.


“Well, girls, aren’t you going to say anything before I emancipate you?” Lincoln asked, the laughter continuing.


The reality of the moment struck Roselyn and she grabbed the umbrella with one hand and Mitzi’s arm with the other. “Get down!” she whispered to Mitzi. “He is still attached to the stage. If he can’t see where we are sitting we may be able to crawl to safety!” she said, both of them on the floor.

“Now, now. That is just rude to hide from the President! Besides, I will find you. I will find you if I have to remove each seat to do it!” the high pitched mechanical voice went on. Suddenly, the danger became very real. On the floor, Roselyn saw a red glow above them. She briefly saw a red dot at the end of a beam on the seat she had been sitting in before it burst into flame. Mitzi screamed as Roselyn pushed her forward, and the two were frantically crawling forward to escape the flames that were erupting around them. They could hear the mechanical laughter as more and more seats began to burn.

“Rosie, what do we do? We are going to die in here if we can’t stand up and run!” Mitzi cried softly but insistently.

Roselyn thought for a moment and the idea came to her. It was so insane that it just might work. “Follow me!” she told Mitzi, and turned around and started to crawl back to where they had been sitting before. Mitzi, now used to the fact that it was pointless to question her friend, quickly followed. The seats were smoldering, but the flames were smaller having devoured most of the seat so quickly. The sprinkler system in the theater had activated, and they now had water raining down upon them as well. Upon reaching the end of the aisle, still hearing the laughter, Roselyn did the unthinkable. She began to crawl directly toward the stage. Mitzi followed, and they reached the bottom of the theater. At this point, neither uttered a sound for fear of Lincoln detecting their location. Instead, Roselyn motioned for Mitzi to stay where she was as Roselyn herself made her way slowly and as quietly as possible down the entire length of the stage to the panel where the Cast Member had been previously. Knowing Lincoln could not see her as long as she stayed right next to the floor, she unzipped her pack and reached for the keys. Two of the keys were cold to the touch, but the key she had gotten from Mickey himself was glowing and warm, and illuminating a light glow. Praying silently, Roselyn slid the key into the keyhole on the control panel, turned it hard- and everything stopped, including the animatronic Lincoln.

The quiet was startling as the sprinklers shut off and firemen from Reedy Creek came running into the theater.

Roselyn quickly placed the key back in her pack and collapsed onto the floor in a wet heap. Mitzi ran to her side and hugged her best friend.


“Rosie- you did it! How did you know? Are you ok?”


Roselyn nodded, but she knew that the danger for both of them had become very, very real now. There was no turning back. She cautiously rose to her feet and turned to look at the figure of Lincoln. For a moment, she thought she could still hear the mechanical laughter coming from the motionless form.



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