Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Twelve: It’s a Small World After All

Chapter Twelve: It’s a Small World After All

Leaving Cinderella’s Castle was perhaps one of the most difficult decisions Roselyn had ever faced. The protective feeling left her immediately as she and Mitzi set forth through Fantasyland. Passing the Carousel, she was certain she could feel the power of a thousand eyes piercing through her. The feeling of queasiness in her stomach matched her mood.

“I know, Rosie,” Mitzi said. “I can feel it too. I don’t understand this, but someone has put a lot of faith in us. We have to keep going, so try to ignore it and focus on something happier.”

“Like what? I feel like someone has stepped on my grave….or is dancing on it. What is happening to me? To us? Mitzi, I feel so sad….all these clouds and gloom,” she gestured towards the many clouds nearby, floating over people and casting a shadow of evil.

“That may be, but I think I have an idea!” Mitzi grabbed Roselyn’s arm and made her way through the clouds. “Only one ride here that is completely overflowing with happiness. It’s on the way to Frontierland, so surely it won’t be too much of a delay. That, and I think you could use the boost of optimism.”

In moments, the two were standing outside of “It’s a Small World”, one of the attractions that effectively started it all for Walt Disney.

“Oh great- now I will be singing all day- and feeling melancholy. This song never leaves your head once it gets inside it!” Roselyn chuckled.

“Come on, there’s no line!” Mitzi continued to lead Roselyn by the arm, down the ramp to board the boat that was waiting for them.

“Watch your step!” Roselyn reminded Mitzi, glad to see some of her friend’s positive spirit returning and hopeful that it would be contagious. They stepped cautiously into the green boat and took their seats.

“Thank you,” Mitzi retorted without looking at the Cast member. Instead, she was focused on Roselyn. “Well now, see? This is just what you needed!”

“I suppose, Mtizi, but Cinderella did tell us specifically to go to Frontierland.”

The boat took off, and Mitzi noticed Roselyn was frozen and staring above them to the control booth above. “Rosie?” Following Roselyn’s gaze, she looked into the booth and gasped. There was no Cast Member in the booth, but instead there was a doll from the ride laughing hysterically and throwing it’s head back with glee.

“O.K. That was weird. I don’t recall seeing that before,” Mitzi said to Roselyn as they passed through the entrance and into the first world of dancing dolls.

“Mitzi, have you ever heard the saying that the road to hell was paved with good intentions?” Roselyn asked, looking before them at the empty room.

“Oh dear. You were right. I think we should have gone straight to Frontierland.” Mitzi replied.

“Don’t beat yourself up, I doubt we will have the time for it anyway. Look at that!” Roselyn pointed at a single doll, hanging on a hot air balloon suspended from the ceiling, holding a stone in it’s little arms.

“Why do I have the feeling that we are about to break a cardinal rule and get out of the boat while it is still moving?” Mitzi asked.

“Because we are! Get out!!!”

The two frantically jumped out into the canal. “Careful, Mitzi! Over there! Get out over there!” Roselyn gestured to a place where there would normally be dolls dancing in a circle, the song still playing loudly in the ride. “It’s a world of laughter, a world of………..”

They hoisted themselves out of the water just in time to see the doll with the stone drop it into the boat they were riding in; the stone crushing into the very seat they had been sitting in just moments before. The doll still hung high above the boat, smiling.

“Well, at least they aren’t smart,” Roselyn said.

“How can you tell?” Mitzi asked.

“Because if they could see, they would have known we were not still in that boat. No, I think they are being controlled by someone else. At least, that one was. Look, he is still there, and he isn’t looking at anything else.”

“Oh good, I know I feel better,” Mitzi said, pouring the excess water out of her shoe before putting it back on.

“There has to be a Cast Member walkway somewhere around here, Mitzi- help me find it. I think we need to make our exit before something else goes screwy.”

“Um, Rosie?” Mitzi said. Roselyn knew from the tone in her voice that it was too late. Something was already going screwy, and there was no obvious exit in sight.

The dolls made their way down the sides of the Taj Mahal, dancing and singing as if they had always walked free. There were at least a dozen of them walking down the sides of the canal, staring and smiling at Roselyn and Mitzi. The two lead dolls, one a small Mexican boy, one a small Norwegian girl, were holding something in their tiny doll hands.

Roselyn shuddered. “Oh no. Mitzi, we have to get out of here- before our world gets a lot smaller.”

Mitzi nodded in agreement as she saw what the two dolls were carrying. They had two tiny pirate swords, very sharp- and very real. Mitzi shrieked as she looked in the direction in which the boats had come through. Dozens of the dolls, each with the tiny swords, were marching towards the two of them, smiling and singing.

“There’s nowhere to run, Rosie! What do we do???” Mitzi yelled as the singing became louder and near maniacal.

Roselyn stood still, the only sound she heard was that of her own heartbeat. The feeling that washed over her made her dizzy, yet the glowing square on the wall ahead comforted her to no end. It was the doorway. There was not a moment to lose!

“Follow me!” she yelled and grabbed Mitzi by the hand, leading her towards the rear wall.

“I sure hope you know what you are doing- because that is a wall, Rosie!”

Roselyn reached the wall, the dolls still heading straight for them. She felt around the panel, and pushed. The tile fell in, revealing the maintenance entrance and catwalk.

“Hurry! Let’s get out of here!” Mitzi yelled, more frantic as the dolls closed in.

The two climbed through the opening and replaced the tile, the song still playing loudly.

“Let’s keep moving. It won’t hold them off for long,” Roselyn said. Mitzi nodded and the two made their way over the winding steel beams until at last they saw daylight. Emerging wet and frazzled behind a small fountain, they sat down on the pavement.

“Well, what do you know Rosie- it’s a small world after all,” Mitzi chuckled as a child walking past them pointed and laughed. “And we are a mess.”

“I know. We will dry though. Come on- let’s find that other key. I think the sooner we can get there the better.”

Mitzi stood up and looked around, readjusting the hair strands that had flown loose from their bonds. “Now, will you look at that!” she exclaimed, looking to her left at the Small World entrance.

A tiny sign appeared before the chained off walkway. “Closed for Refurbishment”.

“Let’s go. Mitzi.”

“Right with you, Rosie. Let’s get ourselves to Frontierland. No more side trips, I promise.”


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