Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Ten: Royal Guests

Royal Guests

Once outside, the two looked around cautiously.


“I feel so odd now, like we are being watched constantly. Oh goodness Rosie, this is not exactly what I meant to do when I bought our tickets. I hope you are ok. I think I am still in shock! I am so sorry,” Mitzi said, noticing that the crowd was beginning to thin out.


“Are you kidding me?” Roselyn whisked her head around to face Mitzi and placed one hand on each of her friends’ shoulders. “This is the most unbelievable and wonderful adventure! I could never have imagined something so wonderful. I am needed, Mitzi! Really and truly needed- and so are you! I thought my life was over, and now I can barely remember who I was, who Joe was. It’s not important anymore. We have such…purpose! Don’t you ever apologize or worry again. Being your friend has given me more joy than anything else in my life.” Roselyn turned and looked around her, her brown eyes finally coming to rest on the perfect destination for both of them. “Now, come on. Flora said we should eat, and eat we shall!”


Following Roselyn, eyes still a bit misty, Mitzi nodded. Across the courtyard and past the Carousel they went, heading straight for the walk through of Cinderella’s Castle.

Meticulous mosaic murals covered the walls, causing more than one passerby to stop and marvel at the workmanship. Mitzi was no exception. Pondering the hours of painstaking craftsmanship, she was deep in thought when she heard a harsh, deep whisper in her ear.


“You are a fool to think she will stay friends with you, you know. Soon you will be but an afterthought. It is her they want, you are….extra. You…..are….expendable.”


Mitzi turned red, angered and shaking, and turned to face the source of the voice. She jumped around….and there was nothing there. Roselyn was approaching, having made dining arrangements at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Mitzi looked to her left, then right, yet she saw nothing.


“Mitzi? You ok? You look flushed!” Roselyn remarked with concern.


“Oh, well, yes…its warm is all. I am fine. What were you doing?”


“Come on, we are a little bit of a late arrival, but they think they can squeeze us in for a late dinner here at the Royal Table. From the looks of you I think it will be good to sit down for a bit and enjoy a meal. We haven’t eaten in hours,” she led the way across the passageway to the entrance of the establishment.


Entering through the large wooden doors, the two rounded a small bend and were immediately astonished to see such a Great Hall. The floors were polished to a shine unlike anything they had seen before, particularly in a restaurant. There were suits of armor, and swords, and an immense fireplace. Great wooden benches lined the walls on each side of the Hall, and there was a huge throne adorned with gold at the end of the room facing a grand staircase to its opposite. The throne, they knew, belonged to Cinderella.


“Whoa. This is something else. Look at that!” Mitzi pointed as a man, dressed in royal guard uniform, entered the Grand Hall and approached an enormous gong in the far corner. He picked up a mallet, and struck the gong which resounded loudly in the ears of the Guests present. “The Royal James Family,” the guard announced. A well dressed man in his early 40s stood up, as did the woman he was sitting with. The Guard led them to the base of the stairway. “You may proceed,” he announced, and the two Guests began to ascend the red plush carpeted stairs, everyone watching with interest as they appeared on an ornate balcony overhead before disappearing from view.


“Not exactly Pizza Hut, is it?” Roselyn broke the silence. Mitzi nodded, half heartedly. She was deep in thought. Had she imagined that voice? That horrible, sinister voice. Her thoughts were soon interrupted with the boom of the gong.


“The Royal Roselyn-Mitzi Family,” the Guard announced. Roselyn and Mitzi stood and walked to the base of the stairway. “You may proceed,” he stated. Walking up the flight of stairs was simple enough. The two paused momentarily to view the Grand Hall from above and then proceeded to walk the length of the winding stairway. Up they went, the plush carpet cushioning each step until finally they entered the main dining area. Both Roselyn and Mitzi gasped at the sight before them.


“Oh my- it is magnificent!” Roselyn exclaimed. The room was adorned with columns and tapestries everywhere. Windows were several feet tall and adorned with ironwork, and the tables were solid wood banquet tables. Servers rushed from table to table, presenting culinary delights with a royal flourish.

“Greetings, m’ladies. Welcome to Cinderella’s Royal Table. Do follow me- your table awaits,” a well dressed server gestured to the two of them and led them to a table near a window. Roselyn looked out and saw the outer castle and the carousel below. It was special, and a view of Fantasyland that she knew she would treasure in her memory for the remainder of her years.

After ordering what the server promised would be the most scrumptious prime rib they had ever tasted, the two began to relax.


“Well, I see no clouds in here,” Roselyn began.


“No, I don’t sense a thing. I wonder why? All day I have felt so….prone and in danger, but here I feel so relaxed and safe,” Mitzi replied. At that moment, trumpets sounded.

“Royal Guests of the Crown, may I present to you…Cinderella and Her Prince,” a loud voice announced. Cinderella was dressed in her blue gown, followed out of a hallway by the most handsome prince Mitzi and Roselyn could ever recall seeing, not that they had seen many before. Cinderella greeted a table to her immediate right, and then began to scan the room. Her eyes met Roselyn’s, and she smiled and gracefully excused herself. The Prince followed her as she walked down a few stairs and over to the table the two friends shared.


“Greetings to you,” Cinderella curtsied. Roselyn began to stand, yet Cinderella would not hear of it. “Oh no, lady Roselyn, I am in your debt. Please, sit, and eat. Our chef has prepared his finest for you this evening.”

“Um, forgive me, but you know who I am too? I just can’t seem to get used to the fact that everyone knows who I am here,” Roselyn replied.

“Of course we do, and Mitzi as well. Welcome to our Castle. We are so glad you have finally come!” Cinderella smiled. “You will eat here, and have some rest.”

“Rest?” Mitzi asked.

“Yes, my lady,” the Prince responded. “We have arranged for you to remain here for the night. It is quite late, as you can see- the fireworks will begin in a moment, and then the Magic Kingdom will close. We took the liberty of sending for your things, as I am sure you will agree that you will be safer here with the Royal Guard than at your Resort this night.”

“But where will we sleep your..Highness?” Roselyn asked.

Cinderella and the Prince locked hands and smiled at one another. “We have just the suite for you. There you will have every comfort and a servant at your disposal,” Cinderella replied. She leaned closer to Roselyn’s ear. “You are safe here,” she whispered. “They cannot penetrate the castle walls. The magic is too great. You must wait in your suite this night, and in the morning you will know what is right.”

“Thank you, Cinderella. Thank you to both of you. I doubt either of us would have slept a wink at the Resort tonight,” Mitzi said. With that, the server brought two delectable plates of prime rib.


Cinderella and the Prince continued to make their rounds to the Guests as fireworks exploded right outside the Castle windows. The lights were dimmed, and the prime rib melted in their mouths. A more perfect dinner could not be imagined by either. For now, the two felt safe and calm. What would the next several hours bring?


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