Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Nine: Finding Answers

Chapter Nine: Finding Answers


Roselyn, not wanting to wait around for the clouded individuals to reach where they were standing, pulled Mitzi’s arm.


“Let’s head back this way,” she said as she turned back towards Fantasyland. Looking around it was not long at all before she stopped short.


“Another ‘aha‘ moment coming on?” Mitzi asked.


Roselyn smiled. “Of course! You will find them among those who sing magical songs! Mitzi- look!” she pointed.


Mitzi took a glance and smiled. “Makes sense to me. Shall we?”


“After you, m’lady,” Roselyn replied, cautiously looking around for any sign of the menacing clouds but no longer seeing any. The two linked arms and headed for Mickey’s Philharmagic.

The lobby of the attraction was a queue disguised as an old fashioned movie theater straight out of Hollywood’s glamorous heyday. People filed in and took their time progressing to the pre show area, looking at the many movie posters on the walls as they went. Roselyn and Mitzi looked at each poster as they passed, intent on every possibility of a clue showing itself at any moment, but nothing occurred. Despite their mysterious circumstances, the two found themselves highly amused at so many creative placards.

Entering the preshow area was surprising as well, for it was a much larger room than either had expected. The vast space, covered with blue wall to wall carpet to keep the sound to a dull roar, was quickly filling as more people filed in behind the two of them.

Within moments, a Disney Cast Member approached the staging area to give the usual announcement that there would be no photography allowed and that the 3D glasses would be collected after the show, among other tidbits.


The door opened to the main theater, and everyone stared in awe at the largest seamless movie screen in the world while walking to their seats. The theater was a beautiful achievement in its own right. Red silken curtains covered the majestic 150 foot wide screen. The seats were plushy and, to the two friends delight, very comfortable. Mitzi noticed that the entire screen/stage area was framed by a gold border featuring orchestral band instruments and pointed this out to her friend.

“Do you see anything unusual yet?” she inquired.


“No. Nothing at all yet,” Rosie answered. She saw no clouds, however, which was an understood relief to both of them.


Unexpectedly, there were voices. The audience heard Minnie Mouse welcoming them, followed by Goofy and a small mishap onstage that no one could see but could hear vividly enough. Finally, the immense curtain began to rise, revealing the vastness of the movie screen. All were ready for the show to begin.


It’s show time! But wait, the orchestra is missing! Oh dear where is Donald? The audience delighted in the hilarity that was ensuing. Mickey Mouse exits the orchestra pit, entrusting his sorcerer hat to his dear friend Donald Duck. Donald, curious and a bit jealous perhaps, decides to try a little magic of his own, and begins to conduct the instruments.


Without warning, things go awry, the hat falls off, and Donald finds himself in the world of Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere himself inviting Donald to be his guest. Donald has dropped the hat, however, and only wants to regain control of it to return to his own world.

Mitzi and Roselyn laughed aloud as Donald is transported into Fantasia and is swept away by the magical brooms along with the hat.


The two gasped in wonderment as they experienced Ariel’s undersea world, and laughed as Donald was transformed to breathe underwater while listening to Ariel sing “Part of Your World”.

When Donald, still pursuing the hat, is flying over London with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Mitzi leans over and whispers “Been there, done that.” Roselyn chuckled and nodded silently, marveling at the 3D effect and mentally comparing it to her previous flight.


The audience begins to sing along when Donald finds himself trying to reach the hat as Simba “Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, laughing aloud as it narrowly escapes the wrath, and grasp, of the angry duck thanks to the animals of the Pride Lands.

Soon, Donald found himself falling through the air after the hat, and Jasmine and Aladdin were singing “A Whole New World”.

Without any warning, Roseyln’s arms began to tingle. “Mitzi- I think something is happening!” she whispered to her friend. Mitzi looked alarmed. “What is this?” she asked as she held her arms up, followed by a gasp of horror as they began to stretch longer.


Roselyn had the same problem, and within seconds, the two realized that they were stretching towards the enormous screen, over the audience, and no one was even noticing!


Words were impossible and Roselyn thought her lungs would burst at any time. Just as the two felt they could not hold on any longer, there was a muffled SNAP, followed by a scream as Mitzi found herself hanging on by a thread- literally. She was zooming through a night sky, holding on to a magic carpet for dear life. Roselyn had been fortunate, for she had alighted behind Jasmine and Aladdin on the carpet itself. “Hold on Mitzi! Give me your hand and I can pull you up!”


Mitzi struggled as her grip began to slip. She reached her free hand upwards with all her strength, and a sizable hand returned her unspoken plea. Mitzi found herself on the carpet within moments, staring face to face with Aladdin himself.

“Easy there- are you all right?” he asked, his large brown eyes searching her white face. Mitzi managed a small nod. “Wow! I am so sorry. Usually Carpet has better aim than this. Kind of embarrassing,” he said.


“Aladdin, let’s take them to the Palace. They look so tired and worried,” jasmine said as she turned to Roselyn. “Don’t worry, you will be safe there and your friend can rest.”

“Hold on!” Aladdin exclaimed as the Magic Carpet adjusted its new course heading. Zooming through the night sky they went, marveling at how clear the stars were in view. Roselyn could not help but let out a “wheeeeeeee!” Jasmine and Aladdin laughed as Mitzi, poor thing, turned yet another shade of green. Quite quickly they flew over the elaborate Palace gateways and were lowered gently to the courtyard below.


Roselyn stood up and began to help her friend. “Oh Mitzi- you don’t look so good,” she said as she helped Mitzi to a plush covered chaise near an open doorway.


“Here Roselyn, give her some of this, it will help,” Jasmine said handing her a golden cup encrusted with tiny colorful gems. A rose colored liquid sloshed inside the cup, and Mitzi managed a small swallow. Roselyn turned to Jasmine and Aladdin.


“Thank you,” she began, but Aladdin spoke before she could utter anything else.


“Roselyn, we don’t have much time. You have to find the keys before the others do. I am so sorry to do this to you and Mitzi, but it was the only way. Genie will be here soon. He went to get her.”


“Get who?” Mitzi piped in, the color beginning to return to her cheeks.


“Mitzi! Oh thank heavens!” Roselyn leaned over and hugged her.


“I’m ok, I think. That was definitely not the best flight I have ever been on, though, nope, nope, nope” she shook her head.


“I am so sorry. As I said, Carpet usually has much better aim.” Aladdin replied in earnest.


Mitzi looked up at him after a few more sips of the drink she was given. “WOW! You are cute!”


Roselyn looked at her friend quizzically. “Mitzi?!”


“Whaaaat? He is! He is much cuter in person.” She then hiccupped rather loudly. “Oh look- a kitty cat.”

Rajah, Jasmine’s pet tiger was approaching the four of them from across the yard, his curiosity peaked by the arrival of the two strangers. He nuzzled against Jasmine and laid down at her feet, cocking his head as if to ask what was wrong with the guest on the chaise.


“Oh no. Jasmine- what was that you gave her to drink?” Roselyn asked.


“That was some of our finest Palace Punch. I don’t understand it. Is she ok?” Jasmine asked.


“I think….I think she is a bit tipsy from it!” Roselyn said. “Do you have any….um….anything else that is not Palace Punch? Something to bring her out of this?”


Before Jasmine could reply, there was a loud POP behind her. Roselyn gasped as she saw the Genie for the first time. He was massive in appearance, and though he did indeed have legs beneath him, he gave the distinct appearance that he was floating.

“Did somebody call for a genie?” he asked.


“Genie, would you please stop showing off?” Aladdin said, a bit annoyed. “Normal size please??”


“Oh Al- I never get to have any fun,” the Genie answered.


“Genie….” Aladdin retorted with an edge in his voice.


“Oh OK…spoil sport!” the Genie answered, followed by another POP. Standing beside Roselyn, just a head taller now, he took a bow and grasped her hand.


“Madame, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Enchantee…” he began to kiss her hand. Hearts appeared beside his head in the air and popped as Aladdin interrupted the display of affection.


“AHEM! Genie…” he said.


“Oh, sorry Al. We never have such lovely visitors as these,” he winked at Roselyn.


“Genie? Where is our other guest?” Jasmine asked.


“She was right behind me. Should be here any minute,” he said. “Can you imagine!? She wanted to use her own magic to get here. Wouldn’t hear of letting me bring her. I tell you-the older they are….”


“Genie! Please don’t be rude. Flora is one of our oldest and dearest friends,” Jasmine intervened. “Don’t take it personally.”


“Flora?” Roselyn asked.


“Yes, she will be here soon, I am sure of it,” Jasmine said. “Now Genie, could you please help this poor woman? I am afraid she had a…. reaction to our Palace Punch,” she gestured towards Mitzi, who was counting the stripes on Rajah aloud and swaying back and forth as if she were on a boat.


“Wow! That hasn’t happened in awhile. Sure thing. Abracazoooooooooom!” he pointed a hand in Mitzi’s direction, and smoke enveloped her where she sat. When the smoke cleared, she appeared quite normal.


“Why is everyone staring at me?” she asked.


“Sorry Mitzi. I will have to fill you in later. You ok?” Roselyn asked, laughing with the others.


“Sure- I am fine. Actually, I don’t think I have ever felt better. Must be the air here- wow!” she replied. Everyone laughed. “What is so funny?”


Just then, a kind faced woman in pink appeared- with a POP. “Hello there!”

Roselyn shook her head and could not help but rub her eyes. “You! You look…you look like Eloise!”


The gentle face nodded and the woman smiled. “No worries, dear. That is my Earthly identity. I am Flora, one of the three fairies sent to help you. I do hope you will forgive us, but we had to make sure you were the ones before we revealed ourselves, you know.”


Mitzi rose from the chaise and approached Flora. “What do you mean, the ones?”


“Oh come now, dear. You don’t think this happens every day, now do you? We have been waiting for you for a long time,” she answered. Taking a wand from beneath her robe she murmured a phrase and a chair appeared. “It has lumbar support,” she said as she sat.


“Flora, what are we supposed to be doing here? Everyone has been giving us vague riddles and I am not sure what to do!” Roselyn asked.


“One step at a time, dear,” Flora said. “Let me shed a little light on this for you. You see, long ago, we were created to protect the innocent. We have gone place to place for many eons, guarding the young that could not protect themselves. As time went on, we were asked to protect many children,” she began. “Oh yes, you know us as the guardians of Briar Rose, don’t you? In truth, she was not the first and she has not been the last. Why, think Roselyn. We were watching over you from the time you were born.”


Roselyn smiled. “I can remember my Father telling me I had imaginary friends, but…” she trailed off.


“But you grew out of them?” Flora smiled. “Of course you did, dear. That is how it is meant to be. You grew up. We all had to go through that Earthly mess.” She chuckled. “You see, we each have an Earthly persona, and we each have our spirit here.”


“Does everyone have that?” Mitzi asked.


Flora shook her head. “Oh no, dear. I am sad to say that not everyone does. You will see that many people on the Earthly plain do not. People that are incapable of imagination, who choose to be non-believers, well, they do not have a kindred spirit in our realm at all.”


“Walt Disney! He knew this, didn’t he?” Roselyn asked excited.


Flora nodded. “Oh my, yes. He is exceptional. He always has had a most vivid imagination. He had the power to create spirit. Many owe him their lives, and many resent him for being created in the first place,” she answered.


Resent him?” the two friends asked in unison.


“Yes. You see, there are those who are most unhappy with their kindred spirits here. They are unhappy to simply exist, and resent being bound by their spirit identities. They have long since sought a way to sever themselves from our world here to become more powerful as human beings,” she explained. “Were they to become successful, they would sever their ties with our world and become one entity as human beings. They would, in a sense, possess magical abilities on a level that could destroy all we hold dear.”


“So they want to destroy Disney?” Roselyn asked.


Flora shook her head. “Disney, and more. They would destroy everything they did not agree with, as human beings and in this realm. We are in danger, ladies, which is why we have gone to such lengths to make sure you are the ones that can help us. We have chosen to reveal this to you now so you can stop them,” she said.


Mitzi and Roselyn were stunned. After a moment of silence, Roselyn spoke again.


“US? What do we need to do?”


Flora smiled again. “I hold a key for you, as do my sisters. You are to seek out the others and gather their keys. When the time comes, you will have all that you need. Take this,” she handed Roselyn a rose colored key the size of her hand. “It must be hidden from sight at all times. Never take it out unless it is time to use it.”


“Do they know who we are, Flora?” Mitzi asked.


“The evil ones? Oh yes, they know every but as much as we do, so be wary. You know how to locate them, and I believe they realize that now. They will try and evade you, but they are always watching. They will do all that they can to stop you, so be careful,” she glanced over her shoulder. “Our time is up, dears. You must return.”


“Where do we go now?” Roselyn asked.


“You will know when the time comes, dear. Get something to eat, you need your strength!” she said, and with a POOF, she was gone.


“Come on, let’s go ladies, we have to get you back unnoticed,” Aladdin said. Jasmine waved to the three of them as they flew upwards on the Magic Carpet. This time, Mitzi held on for dear life. “What is it with you all and flying?!” she yelled to Aladdin. He simply laughed.


“Good luck!” he yelled, as the two of them became distorted yet again. They stretched out as if they were cartoons, and breathing was again impossible. Just as Mitzi thought for certain that her lungs would burst, they found themselves back in their theater seats in time to see Donald crash into the back wall after his own adventure.

The house lights came up, and the audience headed for the exit, but the two remained seated long enough to catch their breath.


“I think….” Mitzi began, “I think I would like to see this again sometime that we don’t have to become a part of it.”


Roselyn nodded in agreement, wondering where they would go next.


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