Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Eight: “Aha! Moments”

AHA Moments

Roselyn and Mitzi took their leave of Peter and Neverland gladly after being restored to their normal size. It had been a little hard on Mitzi’s stomach, and coupled with the fact that they had to fly back to the ride it was doubly difficult.

Once outside again, the two sat on a bench.

“Must have seltzer water somewhere here, don’t you think Rosie?” Mitzi asked.

“I don’t think so, Mitzi. The carts only have the bottled waters that aren’t carbonated. Maybe we should head back to the room for a bit. You have to admit this has not been your typical day at the Magic Kingdom,” she replied.

“Typical day at the Magic Kingdom?” Mitzi gave Roselyn a quizzical look. “This would not be a typical day anywhere!”

Roselyn had to laugh. Her friend had certainly maintained her sense of humor despite her current state of discomfort. They waited for Mitzi to regain her fortitude.

Looking around, Roselyn sought a solution. The fairies told them to find the three that held the keys. This was indeed puzzling because they did not have any idea what keys or keys to what or who or what they were looking for. Roselyn sighed, and leaned her head back, taking a deep breath of fresh air. Suddenly, as if a mist had cleared before her, she had a thought.”Mitzi- I think, I mean, I have a thought. The fairies said to find the three with the keys, remember?”

Mitzi, who was hunched over holding her head, mumbled a sound in agreement.

“Find the three that hold the keys- different colors they will be! Mitzi- the three older ladies that are dressed in the different colors from earlier today! It, well, I know it sounds crazy, but I think they may be the answer!”

Mitzi looked up at her friend. “You do realize that there are likely thousands of people here today, right? And any one of them could be dressed in one color. They are three old women, Rosie. What hope would they have against this menace that we have been warned about? I just don’t see how they could be connected,” she said. Sitting up again, she took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. “Of course, what else are we going to do. We can’t just sit here and wait for the answer to come to us, now can we?”

“No, we can’t. It may not be the answer we want if it does come to us,” Roselyn said. “Are you feeling any better yet? I really do think we ought to keep moving.”

Mitzi nodded. “It has to be the fresh air. I think Neverland was a bit hard on the old allergies.” The two laughed as they stood up. “Now there is a statement I never imagined I would say!”

The two began walking towards Cinderella’s Magic Carousel. It was an incredible sight. The music was playing to the delight of the people surrounding it waving to friends and relatives. The Carousel itself was magnificent. The variety of horses painted in a myriad of colors reflected in the coming Florida sunset. A gentle breeze carried the tune it played, comforting everyone that heard it and reassuring them that wishes really do come true. Suddenly, the crowd gasped in delight as lights illuminated the entire attraction.

“That is the most beautiful carousel I think I have ever seen, Rosie. Don’t you think so?” Mitzi asked.

Roselyn was a bit distracted, however. On the other side of the Carousel, there was something that appeared out of place. It seemed to be floating over the heads of a portion of the people in line.

Mitzi, wondering why her friend had not acknowledged her comment, looked at her. “Oh no, here we go again. What is it Rosie? What do you see?”

“I am not sure, but I think….I think I see a black cloud over those people over there,” she gestured at the line.

“Well, I don’t, so this must be one of those ‘aha’ moments for you,” Mitzi replied. “Do you want to get closer?”

Roselyn nodded and began to walk in the direction of the cloud. No more than two feet across and a foot high, the black, wispy looking object was floating over the head of a man that she immediately recognized. Mitzi had the same realization.

“Rosie- it’s that Sharkey fellow,” she whispered.

Rosie nodded. “Do you see the CLOUD floating over his head? I don’t know what this means, but I can’t just stand here. I think we should go over to him and see,” she said, and Mitzi nodded.

“I don’t see any cloud, but I will take your word for it. Stranger things have already happened on this trip,” Mitzi said as they walked.

The two approached from behind the man.

“Mr. Sh….Harkey?” Roselyn tentatively and apprehensively asked.

He turned around and smiled a slow, sinister grin. “Why, hello Madame. I trust you are having a wonderful and magical day here at the Magic Kingdom?”

The way he said wonderful and magical made Roselyn’s skin crawl.

“We are, as a matter of fact,” she replied, her voice unwavering this time. It was then that she noticed the sword.

They were standing in front of a sword impaled within a large stone. There were people trying to pull the sword out from the stone to no avail. It was King Arthurs famous Excalibur!

“Are you going to try your luck?” she did not resist teasing Mr. Harkey as she gestured towards the monument.

“As a matter of fact, I was contemplating doing just that,” he said, still smiling. A shudder went through Roselyn as she saw a small flash of lightening appear in the cloud over his head.

“I don’t think you should do that, Mr…Harkey,” she challenged, still not sure why she was saying it.

“Oh, I see. And why not?” he asked. There was an intense, awkward silence.

“Because you could hurt yourself sir,” Mitzi piped in just as Mr. Harkey was inching his way closer to Roselyn’s face. “A man your age trying to pull something that heavy? Why, that is nonsense. You will get a hernia!”

Roselyn had to suppress a giggle. Leave it to her best friend to say something like that -loudly- at precisely the right moment to draw attention to the three of them. The people standing around them began to snicker and point.

“I see, yes. Thank you for your concern. Perhaps I should catch up with my wife. Thank you ever so much for your….assistance ladies. I am sure we will meet again….soon,” he tipped his hat as the lightening continued to flicker within the cloud over his head. It followed him across the courtyard and the two watched him until they could not see him any longer.

“What was that about?” Mitzi asked.

“I am not sure, Mitzi. All I know is I had a feeling he should not be anywhere near this sword,” she said.

It was then that she looked closer at the base of the monument. A plaque, which normally read “Who so pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise ruler born of England“, was glowing. Roselyn held Mitzi’s arm to steady herself.

“It’s happening again, Mitzi,” she gasped. The letters began to glow a faint blue green, then they blurred. After a second, they came into focus again, but with a message meant only for Roselyn. Pulling Mitzi out of the crowd and off to the side, she looked around for any sign of clouds.

“What is it Rosie?” Mitzi asked, slightly worried.

“Oh Mitzi,” Roselyn replied. “It changed. The words on the stone. It said, you will find them among those that sing magical songs.”

“Great. Another subtle hint! Perfect. Do you think we could get some obvious directions once in awhile?” Mitzi said a bit sarcastically.

“Mitzi- I don’t think we are the only ones looking,” Roselyn answered, noticing two more clouds floating above heads in the distance, floating in their direction.



4 Comments on “Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Eight: “Aha! Moments””

  1. Carolyn June 20, 2011 at 6:57 PM #

    LOVE it!! Keep it coming please!!!!

    • Mztressofallevil June 26, 2011 at 8:39 PM #

      Lots more to come, no worries! Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Margo June 26, 2011 at 5:21 AM #

    This is so much fun!! I am a few days behind..So I am catching up. Thanks for doing this..I am enjoying it a lot!!!

    • Mztressofallevil June 26, 2011 at 8:38 PM #

      You are very welcome, Margo. It is my pleasure. I am thrilled that others are enjoying my Disney imagination through the story. Thank you so much!

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