Diary of a Disney Daydream-Chapter Seven: Off to Neverland

Off to Neverland

It didn’t take long for the two to proceed up a small hill and around a bend to Fantasyland.

Breathing deeply, they savored the sights and sounds of children laughing and families making memories for a moment before they spoke.

“Pixie dust. Pixie Dust,” Roselyn murmured to herself while pondering her next movements.

“Rosie- look!” Mitzi exclaimed. She was gesturing to an attraction on their right that made their next move obvious. Peter Pan’s Flight.

“Of course- where would Pixie Dust be if not in Neverland itself!” Roselyn said as they walked towards the queue line.

Nearly there, Mitzi hesitated. “Oh Rosie, I…well…I mean….what do you think?”

Talking her friend by the arm, Roselyn understood. “What do I think we are in for this time?”

“Well….yes. I mean, the Haunted Mansion was a lot to digest, you know. These things happening to us…to you. What does this mean? Are we going batty?” Mitzi looked a bit pale even in the mid afternoon sunlight.

“Mitzi, I have no idea what is going on, but one thing I know for certain. You are my best friend, and I would never do anything to place you in danger. If you want to wait for me, I will understand. I just have to know. I can’t explain why, but I feel like it is the most important thing in my world right now. I have never been so sure of anything. It’s almost as if…as if I belong here somehow.”

Mitzi looked up at Roselyn with teary eyes. “I know,” she whispered, placing her hand on Roselyn’s shoulder. “I am sorry. I just had a moment of weakness, I guess. What kind of best friend would I be if I bailed out on you now?” she managed a smile. “After all, things have gotten very interesting.”

“That’s no joke,” Rosie said. “Are you ready for this?”

Mitzi nodded. “Off to Neverland!” she called out. Little did she know how true that prediction would become.

The queue line was not very long, and the two were boarding the miniature pirate ships within a few minutes of their arrival.

Rounding a bend, the two found themselves in John, Wendy and Michael Darlings’ bedroom with Peter Pan himself.

Peter announced that they could fly, and off they went. Nana the dog barked as the ship took flight, lifting off and proceeding to fly over London, past buildings and monuments into the vast night sky. Higher and higher they climbed until they could look down and barely make out the Tower of London.

“You can fly” played loudly in the background as they gained altitude. Mitzi could not help but hum along a bit. “Quite a catchy tune, isn’t it?” she whispered to Rosie.

At precisely that moment, something changed.

At first it was barely noticeable as they looked down at a figure of Peter sword fighting with Captain Hook, but then Mitzi and Roselyn both let out a gasp as they noticed the figure of Peter was growing larger by the second- and looking right at the two of them!

The figure of Hook dashed inside the Captains Quarters of the Jolly Roger, likely afraid to fight with a now 5 foot tall version of his nemesis. Peter, however, flew up to where the ship was suspended in midair and greeted the two friends.

“Hiya! Are you Roselyn and Mitzi? We’ve all been waiting for you. What took you so long?” he laughed. “Hey- it’s ok. I’m Peter. You need to follow me, so come on- let’s go!”

Peter flew upwards where the two could no longer see him. “Follow him?” Roselyn asked, puzzled.

“What can we do? How are we supposed to do that?” Mitzi asked, just as puzzled, when out of nowhere came the answer they needed. A small greenish-yellow light danced through the air around their ship as sparkles began to cascade around and over them like a gentle mist.

“Rosie? What the….”

“Mitzi- it’s Tinkerbell! This is Pixie Dust! Oh wow!” Rosie cried out with delight.

At that precise moment, the ship was transformed. No longer was it part of a ride, no pathway to follow and no track to attach itself to necessary. The ship flew upwards with the two passengers holding on to the railing and wondering what would happen next.

Quickly, with Tinkerbell lighting the way, they caught up to Peter. He was flying gracefully in front of them. The breeze was warm and comforting and the flight a smooth one.

“How high up are we, Rosie? Is the floor still down there?” Mitzi asked.

“I don’t know, Mitzi. I suppose that there is a floor somewhere down there, but I doubt if we could see it now.” She looked over the side of the ship, but all she could see were misty clouds. “Oh Peter!?” she called.

Peter slowed and flew next to the ship. “Yes?”

“Where are we going, Peter?” Rosie asked.

Peter laughed out loud and threw his head back, letting out a loud crow. “Why- we’re going to Neverland, of course! Second star to the right and straight on till morning! This way!”

Roselyn looked at Mitzi, who was again a little pale but trying to hold her composure. “Mitzi- we are going to Neverland!”

Mitzi nodded. “I knew I should have brought my video camera on this trip.”

The ship dropped suddenly, causing the two to startle a bit, and with a “whoosh” they went down through the layer of clouds. It was a bit chilly and the moisture from the mist made this a bit uncomfortable, but they were too mesmerized by what they saw before them to notice.

There was a beautiful island, surrounded by the bluest water they had ever seen. A pirate ship was moored in one of the lagoons, mermaids splashed in another. There was an Indian village on one side of the island (“I wonder if we call them Native Neverlandians??” Mitzi asked in a serious tone. Rosie shrugged.) Skull Rock was also visible in the not too far off distance, and so was a vast forest.

“It is amazing. It’s better than I ever dreamed it would be,” Rosie said tearfully.

Peter and Tinkerbell led the way over the forest until they came to the hiding place of the Lost Boys, the famed boys led by Peter- boys who did not want to grow up.

The ship landed with a small “bump”, and the two disembarked. An arrow flew by Mitzi’s head with a “whoosh” and she let out a small shriek.

“What are grown ups doing here, Peter! We don’t want to be told when to go to bed, or brush our teeth, or stop shooting or spitting!” so many voices surrounded them.

“That’s ENOUGH. I am the leader, and I say they are ok. Besides, Tink told me that I had to bring them here. They are the ones!” Peter yelled. With that, mumbling could be heard all around. Slowly, one at a time, the boys came out of their hiding spots and surrounded Mitzi and Roselyn. “Sorry ’bout the arrow,” one particular boy dressed in brown, tattered pants mumbled to Mitzi.

“That is, um, all right,” Mitzi managed to say. Roselyn detected her aggravation.

“Tink? Where are you Tink?” Peter called. The greenish-yellow light flew to him and the sound of bells could be heard as Tink alighted on Peter’s shoulder.

“Uh-huh, ok, uh-huh,” Peter said. He then turned to Mitzi and Roselyn. “Tink says you have to come home. She says you have been away too long and Mr. Disney has been worried about you. They won’t survive without all of you and you have to help.”

This time it was Roselyn who turned pale. “Oh, Peter- I have no idea what you-er- Tink is talking about. I am just a divorced woman from a small town. I have never been here in my life. I want to help, but I don’t know anything about this!”

The light danced from Peter’s shoulder as the tinkling of bells became louder and more frenzied.

“Tink says you just don’t remember. She says you must remember or all is lost, Roselyn. She says if you don’t she will have to….oh Tink! Don’t lose your temper.” Peter took the light into his hands gently. “She’s getting a little impatient. Look!” he raised his hands up in front of Roselyn’s eyes.

Roselyn gasped at the sight of Tinkerbell. Barely the size of a thimble, there she was, standing on Peter’s hand and pacing back and forth, her cheeks flushed with frustration.

“I am sorry, Miss Tinkerbell, I really am,” Roselyn began. “I want to help, I just don’t understand all of this, or how it is possible, or even if we are dreaming it all. I believe in you though, and I always have. So tell me what to do, and I will do my best.”

Tink straightened her posture and raised an eyebrow at Roselyn. She put her hand up to her chin, and after a small hesitation she nodded and smiled. She flew to Peter’s ear.

“Tink says it’s time for you to learn about the meaning of Pixie Dust. She wants you to follow her to the Hollow,” he said.

Roselyn nodded and Mitzi took her hand as they followed the pixie to a clearing in the forest where a large tree stood, glistening with Pixie Dust.

“That is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen,” Mitzi said. Roselyn nodded in agreement. It was spectacular. Suddenly, many lights in all sorts of colors flew out from the tree and surrounded them.

“Oh geez- now what?” Mitzi asked as the lights spun around them so fast they seemed to make continuous circles instead of dots. A strange feeling consumed the two as the lights began to come into a much clearer focus. Soon, they were standing on a soft green carpet, face to face with many fairies they had never seen before.

“Hello Roselyn,” one of the tallest fairies said. “It is wonderful to see you again.”

“There must be some mistake, Miss…er…fairy. I just told Miss Tinkerbell that I have never been here before. I haven’t even been to Disney World before now.”

The fairy, dressed in purple with wings of violet laced with silver, approached closer. “Oh Roselyn, it is all right. You simply do not remember who you are yet, but it will come back to you over time. Tell me- have you been feeling as if you had come home? Have you been seeing things that you think you have dreamed of? Have you smelled things that you could swear you have smelled before?”

Roselyn thought a moment. “Well…yes,” she said softly. Sitting down on the carpet, she placed her head in her hands. “I am so confused. I wish I understood what was happening. Can you tell me?” she asked the tall fairy.

“I will tell you what you need to know for now, but the trip within your own mind is one you must take alone. Follow your instincts, and be wary who you trust outside of Mitzi. Your friendship is your greatest treasure, and your greatest form of protection,” she smiled.

“Protection from what? Are we in danger?” Mitzi asked.

The fairy smiled. “There are always those who do not want our magic to succeed. There are those who would taint it, turn it, and bend it to their will. These are the ones you must be aware of. They are not difficult to see when they want to be seen, but they are watching you,” she said.

Roselyn stood up. “How did you grow so large? Is that part of the magic?”

The fairies all chimed with laughter. “Why, we have not grown large, Roselyn. You have grown small. Look!” she gestured towards the tree up above them that they had first seen on their arrival in the clearing. It was no longer just a tree. It was a city, a towering community of light and pixie dust glittering everywhere. It was enormous.

“Oh, my stars,” Mitzi whispered in amazement.

“Don’t worry- we will restore you to your former size shortly, but it is rather difficult to carry on a conversation staring at the insides of one’s ear you know,” the fairy responded, patting Mitzi gently on the back. “Now, our time is short. You must go back- Peter will take you. Find the three that hold the keys-different colors they will be,” she said as the fairies began to enclose a circle around them.

“Find the three,” she said as the world became a blinding tunnel of colored lights once more.


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