Diary of A Disney Daydream-Chapter Five: Hoopskirts and Happiness

Chapter Five: Hoopskirts and Happiness

Standing nonchalantly beside what appeared to be nothing more than a wall, the two friends stood waiting patiently.

“Rosie, are you sure this is the place?”

“Yes, it says to be standing here at this time right here,” Roselyn said, pointing to the paper with their prize instructions. “And we are standing here.”

Suddenly, before Mitzi could answer, a Cast Member appeared behind them.

“You must be the lucky two for today!” she said. “Come with me. My name is Callie, and I am going to help you become Pirate wenches- at least, for the afternoon.”

“Hi Callie,” Mitzi responded. “I am so excited! I never win anything. This is Roselyn and I am Mitzi.”

“Well, Roselyn and Mitzi, follow me closely. You are about to enter a Cast Only section of the parks that very few are allowed into. Come this way!” she said as she stepped back towards the wall. At that moment, something amazing happened. The wall slid open right before their eyes and Callie stepped backwards into the void. “Right this way, ladies. Watch your step!”

Shrugging her shoulders, Roselyn followed Mitzi into the small room, turning around just in time to see two large doors closing behind them.

“What is this room?” Mitzi asked.

Callie laughed softly. “This is no room. This is the elevator.”

With hardly a motion, the elevator began to move. There was only a small button on the wall beside Callie to give any indication of the fact that it was indeed an elevator. “Wow. This is huge!” Mitzi said.

“It is the elevator that takes us to Adventureland. It has to be large because in the morning all of the Cast Members must get to their attractions at the same time. Walt Disney designed it this way, and you are actually going to the main floor of the Magic Kingdom now. Few people realize that where you are at the Magic Kingdom is actually the second floor.”

“Amazing! I had no idea!” Mitzi said. Roselyn was also impressed.

The doors slid open to reveal a sight that neither of them expected.

“Ladies, welcome to the Utilidors. This is where the magic begins. Now, come with me, we only have a bit of time to get you fitted and back to the Cove.” Mitzi and Roselyn obliged, looking around as they proceeded to walk through a large concrete floored tunnel, colored pipes running just under the ceiling to their right and large offices, computer rooms and glass windows to the left. They were walking down the tunnel when suddenly appeared a humorous sight.

“It’s Mickey! Rosie- look!” Mitzi exclaimed.

Sure enough, there was Mickey Mouse, in full regalia, scooting around and playing outside an office on a wheeled office chair. He spun around, cocked his head to one side, and waved at the three of them.

“Hi Mickey! Good to see you. We are taking these ladies to Costuming. They are going to have lunch with Captain Sparrow today,” Callie said.

Mickey nodded, and stretched an arm out, ushering them down the tunnel. Mitzi smiled at Roselyn, and Roselyn remembered something her ex used to tell her. “Get your head out of the clouds, Rosie. Fairies, dragons, Mickey Mouse- they do not exist. When are you going to realize that?” Rosie had to laugh at the memory.

A short walk and they found themselves in front of a large window. There were clothes and racks as far as the eye could see.

“I will just be a minute, ladies,” Callie remarked, walking around a small corner to a doorway and pressing a button on the wall.

“Oh my goodness, Rosie- have you ever seen so many clothes?” Mizi asked, wide-eyed.

“I don’t believe I have,” Roselyn admitted. The clothing racks stretched as far as the two of them could see. Character costumes, parade wear, dresses and frock coats from all walks of life and time spanned the width of the neverending room. Women sat at sewing machines, mending and making some of the most beautiful clothing they could.

“This way,” Callie called to them.

They entered the expanse and were immediately introduced to a Cast Member named Sandra.

“Hello there- so you be our pirate winners today, eh?” she asked. “I am thinkin’ I know just the dresses for your colors. Follow me. Miss Callie, I will be sure to call you when we are done,” Sandra said with her thick Jamaican accent.

“Good luck ladies! I will see you in a few minutes and we will go meet the Captain,” Callie said, exiting.

Sandra was already busying herself with a large frock of brightly colored muslin. “This will do fer you, madam, and let me see,” she said as she eyed Roselyn. “You must have blue. Yes, blue I think will do fer you Missy.”

Mitzi stared at the large dress and at the blue one Roselyn was handed. Sandra gestured to the screens behind them. “You change now. We lock your clothing up for you and you will get it afterwards.”

After changing, the two walked back around the screens to Sandra.

“Something is wrong here, Sandra. I think the skirt is a bit long for me,” Roselyn said.

“Mine is dragging, too,” Mitzi said.

Sandra laughed heartily. “Now ladies, don’t cha worry none. You must put the petticoat hoops on, that is all.”

In unison, the two friends looked at one another and exclaimed, “Hoops?!”

Two minutes later, the two stood in front of the floor length mirrors that held their images.

“Rosie- I can’t believe this. We look so…”

“Different?” Rosie asked.

“Yes, but you look so radiant! And we really do look like, like wenches!” Mitzi giggled.

“Oh yes Missy- it is amazing how a few snaps buttons and laces can change you,” Sandra nodded. “You are done now. Time to meet Miss Callie and go meet the charming Captain Sparrow.”

Skirts swishing gently, the two pirate wenches followed Sandra to the door they had entered previously.

Callie was there, as promised. “Wow!” she stated, staring at the transformed duo. “Sandra, amazing. They look as though they just stepped out of the Pirates films.”

“Indeed, Missy. Dat is why dey pay me!” Sandra laughed. “Have fun ladies.”

A short elevator ride, and the three appeared once more, as if by magic, where their adventure had begun.

Callie led them across the Adventurland pathway, Guests staring in their direction. Mitzi and Roselyn smiled. Roselyn was amazed at how different she felt. She was no longer the soon to be divorced woman that had come here, she was Rosie- pirate wench extraordinaire. A confidence swept over her like a warm blanket in front of a cozy fire. She wondered briefly if Mitzi felt a similar feeling, yet a glance at her friend confirmed it and there was no need to say a word. Mitzi looked radiant, her cheeks blushing with pride and enjoyment. A man bowed to them at the entrance of the Veranda restaurant and opened the doors.

The inside of the restaurant was quite full, yet you could hear the chatter die down to a whisper when the two wenches walked in. Across the way, there was a bit of a commotion and the crowd parted to reveal Captain Jack Sparrow sitting at a table with his first mate. Seeing the two ladies enter, Captain Sparrow stood and made his way across the floor.

Taking Mitzi’s hand, he kissed it gently as he looked up into her eyes. “Fair Mitzi,” he greeted, as Mitzi stood motionless. Roselyn was not sure, but she thought for a moment that her friend had stopped breathing.

“Good afternoon, fair Roselyn,” Captain Jack greeted, kissing her hand as well.

“Why, Captain Sparrow- please. Call me Rosie,” she said with a wink. Captain Sparrow’s smile widened into a large grin, almost wicked. “As you like, Rosie. Come, ladies, let’s dine! A pirate must maintain his strength, and we have much to do.”

Two hours later, after dining and dancing until they were all breathless. The two wenches bid their pirate friends farewell. Captain Jack had given them both autographed photos and a small snowglobe as a remembrance, as well as a $50 Disney Dollar to spend on anything the two wanted. It was truly a magical afternoon to remember. Even the clumsy first mate had danced and sang in a hearty manner. It was only when Callie reappeared to take them back to the Utilidors that the two remembered where they were.

“Thank you, Captain,” Roselyn said, curtsying slightly. Mitzi followed suit. “Thank you so much!”

Remembering a line from the movie, Roselyn felt her confidence brimming. “It would never have worked out between us,” she said to Captain Jack.

Without missing a beat, Captain Jack approached her, leaning down until she could feel his words as he spoke. “You keep telling yourself that, darling.”


On the way to costuming, Mitzi leaned over and whispered to Roselyn. “What next? This was the best time I think I have ever had.”

Roselyn nodded in agreement. “I know what you mean, Mitzi. I suppose we should ride the Haunted Mansion soon. I’ve wanted to do that since I was a girl.”


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