Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Four: Pirates

Mitzi happily walked arm in arm with Roselyn as they approached the turnstile for her favorite ride, totally oblivious to her best friend’s internal mental debate.

Roselyn was trying her best to figure out what had just happened. How did she know to choose that pin? What were those sparkly things? Was it just luck? It couldn’t be luck! She saw them-it had not been imagined. A thought struck her as they entered the queue line-the heat! Of course- the sparkles must have been caused by the heat. The hot Florida sun had been known to create many dilemmas. She would ride the ride with Mitzi and then get something to drink. Relieved in her rationalization, she turned her attention to the amazing sights around her.

Walls of an old pirate lair surrounded them, and on occasion the two would walk by an unexpected scene. Cannon balls, cannons, and boxes full of artillery used during the battle of Old Port Royale seemed to be around every corner. Iron bars were on the right of Roselyn, and she could not resist the curiosity to peek between them. In the dimly lit dungeon area, she gasped at the sight of two skeletons playing chess to pass the time during their eternal imprisonment. A chill swept past them as they heard the sound of water and menacing laughter. It was hard to believe this was a ride rather than the 17th Century!







At last, they approached the boarding area, where a Cast Member named Robert wore an eye patch, red and white checked bandanna, and a parrot on his shoulder.

Arrrr mateys! Climb aboard ye vessel and tame the high seas!” he exclaimed. “Be wary!”

Mitzi shuddered and whispered to Roselyn as they sat in the boat, “If he was not so convincing I would have had to giggle!” Roselyn nodded in agreement. With a heave and a small lurch forward- they were off!

Proceeding through the ride was as much a thrill as it was an amusement. Blackbeard’s warning went unheeded as the boat plunged into the darkness to arrive between Captain Barbosa and the old Fort, cannons blasting all around the innocent riders.

The pirates were everywhere, and it was a true thrill for Mitzi each time she located her favorite, Captain Jack Sparrow. Her cries of “there he is- over there Rosie!” were met by giggles of the other riders as well as Roselyn. The childish wonder was contagious.

Through the town set ablaze and plundered they sailed, all aboard singing the familiar song at the top of their voices by the time they located Captain Jack in the treasure room, who was also lounging in a jewel encrusted throne singing the very same tune. Moments later, the adventure came to a halt as they disembarked and proceeded to the Pirate shop and the ride exit.

Wasn’t it amazing?” Mitzi asked. “Even his animatronic figure is gorgeous. Oh what I wouldn’t do to be a pirate wench around that one!”

Mitzi!” Roselyn laughed out loud. “Easy does it. I have no wish to carry you back to the room if you faint from the sight of him.”

The two laughed hysterically together for a moment. “What do you want to do next, Rosie?” Mitzi asked, looking over a miniature pirate chest.

Remembering her rationalization, Roselyn replied, “I need to get something to drink. Let’s go over to that refreshment cart.”

Once they had ordered the icy cold waters, the two headed to a small bench across from the Pirate’s entrance and sat down. Suddenly, Eunice and the lady in blue appeared before them. This time they were not alone.

Why hello, Dearie!” the lady in blue exclaimed, seeing them sitting on the bench.

Er…hello there,” Roselyn returned the greeting.

Isn’t it a perfect day today? I always say that if you are going to do the Magic Kingdom, go on a day like today! Isn’t that right, Eunice? Don’t I Eloise?” she questioned the ladies wearing Green and Red beside her. The two nodded most enthusiastically in agreement.

She does at that!” Eunice said.

Oh most definitely, Ella. You always say that!” Eloise chirped.

And what is your name, Dearie? I can’t very well keep calling you Dearie if we are going to run into one another so frequently, can I?” Ella asked.

My name is Roselyn, and this is my best friend Mitzi.”

Pleased to meet you both, we are. Yes indeed- very pleased,” Ella shook hands with the two, followed in turn by Eunice and Eloise. “So tell me, Roselyn. Have you been doing any more pin trading? Any finds yet?”

Roselyn shifted a bit in her seat but before she could answer, Mitzi chimed in.

You should have seen her! She traded for a really rare pin earlier- first time she has ever traded with a Cast Member, too! She didn’t even hesitate. Couldn’t see the pin at all and just picked it sight unseen. It was so amazing.”

I see. My goodness, Roselyn. Beginners luck do you think? Is that what it was?” Ella asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Must have been, yes,” Roselyn replied. She knows something, she thought. Am I imagining this?

Well now, be very careful who you trade with, Dearie. Wouldn’t want to appear too hasty in your actions either, luck with you or not. Some may question your…abilities,” Ella warned in a subtle manner only Roselyn picked up on. She then turned to her brightly dressed companions and said, “Well lasses, onwards we march! I believe we have lunch reservations in an hour! Toodles, Roselyn and Mitzi!”

Have a nice day,” Mitzi replied as the three marched along the Adventureland thoroughfare. “Odd ladies, aren’t they? Nice, but odd.”

Yes, they are,” Roselyn agreed. “I wish I knew why they seem so familiar!

At that moment, a small man dressed in pirate attire rolled out a cart from behind the ride entrance. The two watched as he pulled a large rope out from the small cart, placing it in a circle on the ground. The man then jumped atop the cart and began winding an old fashioned gramophone. Instantly, “A Pirate’s Life for Me” began to play.

Gather round! Gather round, me mateys!” the little man cried. “For I’ve news that will interest ye no doubt! Today is yer lucky day- it is! Today ye will all have the chance of a lifetime- the chance to become a pirate! Gather round!”

Roselyn and Mitzi stood up and approached the rope on the ground. The little man winked at Roselyn. “Hello there! We be waitin’ just a moment or two for our Captain. Then he will have a look over things.”

In exactly a moment’s time, Captain Jack Sparrow himself walked out of the ride area. Introducing him to the crowd after a fashion, the bungling little pirate man announced that Captain Sparrow was indeed on a mission this day. Today, Captain Sparrow needed a crew for a very special mission.

Roselyn was not particularly enamoured with this news until she glanced at Mitzi, who was once more transformed into a teenage girl with hormonal difficulties. Mitzi was practically drooling! Roselyn laughed out loud and returned her attention to the Captain.

You there!” he pointed – at her! “You, lass. What be your name?”

Roselyn gulped as she began to see the shimmery sparkles surround the Captain. “Um, my name? My name..yes. My name is Roselyn.”

Fair Roselyn, is it? Well than, fair Roselyn, I am pleasured to make your acquaintance,” he approached, took Roselyn’s hand, and with Mitzi gasping, kissed it!

And who might this beauty be?” he motioned to Mitzi, then took her hand and pressed it gently to his lips in the same manner.

This is Mitzi, my friend,” Roselyn chuckled as she viewed the sparkles dance.

Fair Mitzi and Fair Roselyn, it is my greatest wish that you join me, Captain Jack Sparrow, at a feast this afternoon. I am entertaining some friends and you, my fair ladies, have just won a prize in Disney’s Let the memories Begin Contest! Congratulations!” he looked around. “Where is my deck hand? Deck hand!”

The little man approached. “Yes, Captain Sparrow?”

Give these ladies their pirate certificates so they may pass unharmed. I leave them in your charge!”

Yes, Captain Sparrow!” he replied. The little man congratulated them and handed Mitzi a certificate and an envelope. He then wandered away to the rest of the crowd.

Oh Rosie! What is it? You look! Oh goodness I never win anything!” Mitzi said.

Roselyn opened the envelope and gasped at what was within.

Mitzi- you and I will be Captain Jack’s guest at a lunch buffet this afternoon, and we are to get our pictures made with him in costume!”

Mitzi began to jump up and down. “It’s my dream come true Rosie! Oh goodness! Oh wow! Well, most of it- the G rated part, anyway!” she hugged Roselyn, who hugged back meekly while wondering again what the sparkles were and how they had come to win Mitzi’s fantasy.

Seeing her best friend so thrilled was a wonderful feeling, so Roselyn brushed her concerns aside and the two proceeded to the area indicated on the prize paper. The two of them were about to be transformed, and Rosie would go along with anything that made her friend this happy.


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