Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Three: The Most Magical Place on Earth

The Most Magical Place on Earth

As they boarded the Walt Disney World Transportation bus, Roselyn pondered the two older women who had been so kind. Who were they? Eunice and… -what was the name of the lady in blue? She had seemed so kind, genuine, and… familiar somehow. A sharp poke from Mitzi alerted Roselyn to the fact that she was holding up the crowd of people boarding the bus.

Rosie- you ok?” she asked.

Yes, sorry. I was just thinking how exciting this is. We are finally going to the Magic Kingdom. I’m fine!” she said, feeling a slight twinge of guilt for lying to her friend, even if it was a slight lie. She had never lied to Mitzi- not ever. This time, however, was just a bit different. She simply didn’t want to cause any alarm.

The bus driver (with a name tag on that read “Gus” in black etched lettering) smiled at them as they boarded.

Hello folks! Welcome aboard. Just take a seat and I will have you over to the Magic Kingdom as soon as we pick up a few more lucky passengers!” Gus said, winking at Mitzi. Good heavens, Roselyn thought. Nearly 50 and Mitzi could still turn heads from men. She smiled and shook her head slightly and chuckled.

What is so funny?” Mitzi asked as she took a seat nearest the rear door.

I think our bus driver likes you,” Roselyn whispered, gesturing towards the mirror above the drivers head. He was eying Mitzi every chance he got.

Well, isn’t that a fine thing! He’s driving a bus, for Pete’s sake. He ought to keep his eyes on the road!” she exclaimed in her most fiery tone, speaking just a bit too loudly. Sure enough, Gus cleared his throat, and blushing, did not look at them for the rest of the ride through the acres of tall trees and winding road to the Magic Kingdom lot.

Roselyn secretly wished she had the gumption Mitzi did. Oh, the things she wanted to tell her husband that day when he told her he was leaving. All she had been able to do was sit, still and silent, a lone tear running down her cheek, as he left their home for the last time and closed the front door on their marriage.

The two friends relished the view on the way to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

When the bus stopped at the Transportation and Ticket Center, the two proceeded to the next length of the journey. Following the other people that seemed to know exactly where they were headed, the two decided quickly to head towards the monorail that would take them to the entrance of the most Magical Place on earth.

The view of the lake as they approached the Contemporary Resort was incredible. The sunlight sparkled and danced on the water as if there were millions of tiny jewels to reflect it. They sped through the resort- literally through it- and peered at the huge murals on the interior walls. The beauty of this place was so uplifting that it touched Roselyn in a way she could not describe accurately if she had to.

After a few minutes, the purple striped monorail pulled out of the Contemporary platform and they were on their way again. Peering through the large windows during the smooth, quiet ride, it was not long before the spires of Cinderella’s Castle appeared along with Space Mountain. They docked at the Monorail Station, walked down the long ramp, and through the gates. The sight was familiar to Roselyn for some reason, and it felt like an overdue homecoming.

This time, the lone tear running down her cheek was for a dream realized, for there was the Magic Kingdom Railroad station, and beyond it was Main Street, USA.

Strange and Magical Beginnings

What do you want to do first, Rosie? Should we head down Main Street to Tomorrowland or head into Adventureland. Oh I can not WAIT to ride Pirates of the Carribean! You know, they added that adorable Jack Sparrow from the movies!” she paused. “Rosie?”

Rosie was spellbound. The sight before her was absolutely intoxicating. It was as if they had stepped back in time to Walt Disney’s hometown. It was enormous! Shops with brightly colored paint and windows decorated with elaborate mechanical displays lined both sides of the streets- and oh- the smells wafted around them, as sweet and fresh as a Spring breeze.

Rosie!” Mitzi poked her again.

Ouch!” Roselyn startled. “What was that for?”

You were …not here. You were in a daze or something. Are you all right?”

Oh yes, Mitzi. I am more than all right. This is magical. Sorry if I scared you, I was just thinking. Now where to first?”

Well…,” Mitzi began, but Roselyn spied the answer before Mitzi could supply one of her own. It was a brightly colored red cart- with pins! There they were, the small, shiny bits of treasure, neatly in rows for passersby to review them and purchase if they were so inclined. “Let’s see about this pin trading thing, Mitzi- then we will head to some rides.”

Roselyn was off to the pin cart before Mitzi could respond.

There were two Cast Members at the pin cart. Their tags read “Michelle” and “John” and they wore smiles almost as bright as the pins themselves. Each wore a lanyard around the neck, covered with pins to trade.

Hello there!” Michelle greeted. “Would you like to look at my pins?” she held her lanyard out for Roselyn to inspect.

Why, thank you. I am afraid I am new at this. Do I just trade you any one of mine for any one of yours?”

Yes, that is right. As long as it is a Disney pin you can trade it to me for any one of these. Of course, you could trade for one of my mystery pins, too, if you like,” she smiled.

Mystery pins? What are those?” Roselyn asked. Mitzi had become interested as well and was listening quite intently.

Well, it works like this. On this belt lanyard, I have pins turned around facing me instead of facing you. You can trade me any one of your pins and choose a mystery pin from this, but you have to keep what you get. It’s a chance, but I have some pretty good limited edition pins today if you would like to chance it,” she smiled again.

Roselyn looked at the flat, felt covered pin holder. Although she could see only rubber pin backs clearly at first, it was only a second later that she saw the sparkles. The only way she could think to describe them- sparkles. For there were only two or three at first, but soon there was a circle of blue sparkles surrounding one of the pin backs. The temptation was too much. “I will trade you for that one,” she said, pointing to the sparkle laden pin back.

OK, let’s see-…oh wow! You are my first trade of the day and you get this one! This is a rare pin, too! Congratulations!” Michelle handed her the pin.

The pin was beautiful. It read “Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell” and Roselyn could tell it was a valuable find.

How did you do that, Rosie!?” Mitzi asked. “You were so quick!”

Roselyn, still puzzled, shook her head. “I think it must have been luck. That, or a little Disney magic.”

Oh Rosie! You are such a hoot! Come on, let’s go to Pirates now,” Mitzi tugged at Roselyn’s arm.

OK, Mitzi- yo ho, yo ho- a pirate’s life for me!” Roselyn giggled, not noticing the eyes that watched her enter Adventureland from in front of the Crystal Palace.



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  1. Carolyn June 10, 2011 at 6:54 PM #

    Fantastic chapter!! Can’t wait for you to post the next!!

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