Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Two: Too Early!

Too Early!

Mitzi was still snoring as Roselyn took her tiny treasures out of the Disney bags and laid them out, one by one, on the bed before her. Roselyn had to chuckle as she pulled the snoring Mickey pin out of the bag just as Mitzi snorted loudly and rolled over. Roselyn could not remember the last time she had gotten up at 5 a.m.- certainly not by choice! She could not help but smile as she looked at the 12 pins she had purchased. The Cast Members were so helpful. They had explained to her that you could actually wear a lanyard covered with pins around your neck anywhere at Disneyworld and trade with any Cast Member that had their lanyard on. Roselyn, always cautious, had bought some locking pin backs to ensure that her pins would not fall off of the lanyard she would wear today.

Humrrrf…mrrrf,” Mitzi mumbled., stirring and opening an eye to see what her friend was doing. “Rosie- what are you doing? It is still dark outside.”

I, my friend, shall sleep when I am dead, so they say. I want to get an early start. It is going to be a beautiful day!”

Yeah, it will be a beautiful day… in two more hours! Now go back to sleep!

Fine, fine, Mitzi. I will try.”

Roselyn decided to put her purchases aside and lie down on the mattress, but she did not sleep. She was feeling anticipation and happiness for the first time in months, and that feeling was good.

Port Royale

Oh my! Look at that- Mickey shaped waffles! I have to try them!” Mitzi exclaimed. Roselyn nodded as she saw a large fruit concoction atop a creme filled eclair that she claimed as her own. Eating cafeteria style had never been so much fun! So many foods to choose from, and so little time! The two friends took their full trays to the check out line and handed the Cast Member the room key that also served as their dining card. No muss, no fuss, and in no time, they found a seat nearest the gift shop at a table next to two old women, one in blue, and one entirely in pink.

Mmmmm! This is wonderful! Have you tried it? Did you get one of these things?” Again Roselyn marveled at how Mitzi could talk while eating and without pausing for air. She just smiled and chuckled as she ate her breakfast treats.

Pardon me, ma’am, but I noticed you were wearing a pin lanyard. I wonder if I might sneak a peek at your pins?”

Roselyn heard the deep bass voice and realized her mouth was full. Not wanting to seem rude, she looked at the voice’s owner and nodded her agreement, holding her lanyard out for him to look at.

Well now- that is a nice pin you have there,” he gestured to the Piece of History pin. “Do you want to trade for that? I haven’t gotten a chance to buy that one yet and that would save me considerable time today.”

Roselyn swallowed, and smiled.

I would, but you see, I have not been to the Parks yet and that is where I am planning on trading. Perhaps we will see you later?” she asked.

Oh, for certain you will, ma’am. Name’s Steve Harkey. I come here ’bout twice a year with the missus. We love to trade pins and see what there is to see. If you change your mind about that pin later, you just leave word for me at the desk, ok?” he stuck his hand out to her.

Shaking it, she nodded and tried her best to smile through the sudden shudder she was feeling. Odd, the effect he was having on her. When he walked away, Mitzi could no longer contain herself.

The Missus? What in the world? How odd, Rosie. I have to say I am glad you didn’t trade with him.”

Roselyn nodded in agreement.

That was strange. I actually got a shudder for a moment, and it was not a good kind of shudder. I wonder about him.”

The lady in blue leaned over in her chair and gave Roselyn a quick “Pssst!” and a motion of the head to approach her. Roselyn scooted her chair a bit closer.


I am so sorry dear, I am normally not an eavesdropper, but you see, my best girlfriend and I, Eunice, well, we have been pin traders for years. We retired here because of them, we did! Why, after our husbands passed- God bless their souls- we just decided it was time enough we did what we saw fit to do with what years we had left. So here we are!”

Roselyn nodded, a bit puzzled as to what the bottom line would be in all of this.

Anywho, what I am meaning to tell you is that you have been blessed with a gift, dearie. A tremendous gift. You sensed it around him, didn’t you? The sliminess, I mean. Made you want to run away and take a long shower to get clean, didn’t he?”

Roselyn was a bit startled at this, for it was exactly how she had felt!

Why, yes I did feel that way. How did you know?” she asked the lady in blue.

Obvious to us two, dearie. We have the gift too, you know. You are a born Disney pin trader, you are. You will be able to tell if a trade is good or bad and all sorts of things, but most important, you will be able to sense if the trader is bad. Will save you a lot of trouble, it will, and possibly create some. You have to take that pin off the lanyard, dearie, for it peaked Sharkey’s interest it did. If he thinks you still have that pin on you at the end of the day you will not get rid of him so quickly.”

Why this pin? And who?”

The pin you have sold out as soon as it was released the other day. It’s a limited edition pin that people go mad for! You sensed it too, or you would not have bought it and surely would never have placed it there!” she gestured towards the lanyard. “Take it off, buy a pin book or something dearie. Keep your best for a rainy day, not on display!”

Fine…um…thank you, but who is the man you mentioned?”

The woman glanced around again and leaned closer still.

Sharkey, dearie. That is who that man was that made you suspicious, and for good reason. His name is Steven Harkey, but those of us in the know have called him Sharkey for years. He sniffs out the newbies, he does. Tries to trade junk for some precious pins, and succeeds more often than not, sad to say. You lured him right to you with that one! Hope you don’t mind us, but we could tell you were new or you wouldn’t be in that situation. We’re just two old nosy birds, aren’t we Eunice?”

Eunice nodded and smiled the best she could with a pastry in her mouth.

Now then, you get back to that wonderful breakfast- you’ll be needing all the energy you can get in this place,” she said as she scooted back to her own meal.

Thank you,” Roselyn said as she glanced at Mitzi, raising eyebrows. Mitzi was silent for once, just trying to survey what had just happened.

After the two old women walked away, the two looked at each other and said, at the same time, “That was odd!”.

Laughing, the two brushed it off their consciences as they prepared to take the trays to the trash receptacle and begin the day at the Magic Kingdom. Just in case, Roselyn paused to remove the Piece of History pin and placed it in her fanny pack. You never could be too careful, and she was not going to take any unnecessary chances. The last thing she wanted was to see Mr Har…Sharkey…again.



One Comment on “Diary of a Disney Daydream- Chapter Two: Too Early!”

  1. Margo June 9, 2011 at 10:39 AM #

    This story is so good and had me so into it, the phone rang and I really didn’t hear it. As I was reading it, I felt I was there with them at WDW. Can’t wait until you write more. Thanks..Love ya..Margo

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